AMRE (Asset Management Real Estate)?

I called AMRE today regarding their Business Model: BPO's, REO's etc.

The Receptionist answered, I asked to speak with someone regarding Broker Registration and more information about their company.  She replied, "She can take a message, and a Gentleman will call me back." I asked "What is the Gentleman's name?" She says its "Blah, Blah(Whatever)."

I asked does your company provide BPO's REO's to Real Estate Agents, She replied " We are expanding our Broker Network."


They are located in Denver Colorado, so I asked a more specific question "In Denver Colorado do you currently have Listing Assignments, or BPO Assignements for Real Estate Agents?" She Replied "I Think so, sorry I can't answer these question I'm only helping out with answering phones." (It's not her fault, the person in charge is responsible)


I end the conversation, "If there were an Agent(s) with certain Questions regarding their BPO, or REO Assigment who will assist these Agents?"


The Answer is "UMMM? I'm just answering phones."


If you have any Experience with this company please post.

Thank you.

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  • I will do that ! Thank You

  • I've actually done a ton of BPO's and a handful of REO's for them now, as well.  I've had problems w/them paying "rapidly" - however, they've paid, in full, every time.  I've had to stay on top of them & remind them frequently.  But I've gotten paid.

    Also, AMRE has recently been bought out.  There will be a change of tides (for the better), from what I am told.  

    If you have problems w/their billing, email Jen Rosenberg & tell her you are a member of REOPro with Josh Parker from Florida and that I referred you to her.  She's been my go-to-gal there.  She's not in charge of accounting, but has helped me get paid on my outstanding invoices.  Hope this helps!

  • The only Order I did for them, and they never paid since May.  Funny with these co's in Denver, CO , and non pymt.  I sent them an email, lets see if they do the right thing and pay me. But they have demonstrated bad faith in payment, so no more orders for me. After IAS burned me with all the $$$$ they owe me, I am no longer taking any chances.

  • I've been approved, and been completing BPO's for AMRE for a while now with success (so far).  No REO's assigned to me through them, yet, either.  But we all know that can take time... Have to prove you're worth your salts! :-)

    I did speak to them today, as I was assigned a new BPO (Exterior Drive-By - $45), and they advised me that they have openings in the network for service providers in MEMPHIS, TN as well as UP-STATE MICHIGAN.  If you have coverage in those areas, it may benefit you to register with AMRE.  Then if you do register for those areas, please let me know, and I will send you over the Vendor Manager's contact info for you to get your application reviewed quickly. 


    Hope this helps :-)

  • Got accepted but does anyone done any REO's or BPO's with them, I check all the blog's from NRBA to yahoo but no one gave me any review. If anyone has some feedback please let me know?

  • I was accepted.
  • Just completed my registration and waiting to see what's next.  Has anyone gotten listings through Core Logic?  I have only received bpo orders from them, but noticed a property (soon to be on the market) in my area that is posted by them. 

  • I got accepted with AMRE but will see if they assign listings.

  • I got accepted to this side of AMRE but I'm wondering if they have a contract yet?  Does anybody know if they are getting assets?

  • Hi Don - I received there email to register too. I haven't had time to finish completing the app.

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