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I find that the harder I work in this REO business, the more people want from this a good thing, or a bad thing?I am newer to this business, in that I am only doing this for about a year. I fought long and hard to get my chance and the number of people now who are trying to say that I am 'lucky" because I get assets from banks is incredible! There was no amount of luck to it. My chance came from following one asset from short sale into foreclosure and establishing a relationship.To anyone trying to break into the REO business, there are many ways to do it. I have completed numerous BPO's, which have not directly given me a listing. They did, however, help me lock down my knowledge of numbers and valuing properties.The key is to be consistent and persistent in your efforts. If something is not working, try doing it in a different way...When you finally receive an asset, you had better be prepared to do a lot of work in a very short amount of time. Banks are grading you on your performance. Listing agreements often come with specific instructions, attention to detail is a must.Finally, do not be afraid to help a newbie....there is plenty of business for all. It would have been nice to realize that there was help out there. I just came upon this site, it is so helpful Thank you for keeping it real. Keep it positive and keep it ethical. You will have local agents coming to you with their clients and begging you to help them find something for them.
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  • There is so much business out there, not just in is when agents get greedy, we have problems. This country/business has so many opportunities. Roll up you sleeves and get to work!
  • I love your perspective - both on the REO business as well as being willing to help other agents get into the business. I feel the same way!

    For those of us who've built an REO business 'from the dust up,' we have real experience that's nitty gritty and also a desire to see others have the same opportunity. It's always so good to hear another agent's desire get in and be willing to work hard in order to be excellent in this industry. Truly refreshing!
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