30 days later and there is no Decision on either File,   I do have an update on one, the Freddie Mac Loan…. THEY LOST IT… YES THEY LOST IT!  Here is the letter I wrote to try and get some attention for my clients.

if you want to see the Video Again here is the Link


Mr. (*&(&(*& )(*)(*)(*):
Senior Vice President, Loss Mitigation
Bank of America

Sometimes emotion can get over wrought and focus is lost, but sometimes that same emotion can bring a clarity that pushes someone into action that saves lives.  I know this for a fact having worked in Law Enforcement and experienced that action. 

Law enforcement personnel are always aware of  public ire and the personal exposure to criminal behavior brought on by malfeasance.  Needing to take action but refusing.   I have decided I will not be accused of malfeasance.  Strong advocacy for my clients and community is my duty and thus your about to feel some emotion, let’s see if I can share some passion.

I brought two transactions to your attention in a video at www.HAFA.us.  One was a Freddie Mac short sale and the other a twin tracked Fannie Mae Loan Mod failure and possible reconsideration or movement into HAFA which was not offered to the client, which is the GSE mandate.   I do not have answers on either of these transactions, it’s been over 30 days.  That does not count the time it sat with your associate Mr. B(*&(&( or Mr. S(*&)(&(&(*&r who suggested I send the file to the Mortgage Side to get the Branch involved. More on steering later.

I am losing it, not enough passion, lets kick this up a notch.  Your Bank is a total failure you are failing the American People the regulators and real estate professions and in the process your costing our country billions of dollars.  We should lock your doors and put you all on the unemployment line and let you feel what it is like to not be able to get out from under the thumb of the worst Bank in the United States.  To fully comprehend the importance of timely action, your team needs to feel the same pain my clients do.  Now I am starting to feel like I am catching a groove, are you feeling how I really feel about what your doing to my clients?

Right after our last correspondence I gave my (*&(& Street transaction to the most capable of professionals to handle in concert with your  Mr. David (*&(&(*&)( and Mrs. C(*&(&(& *****   so there would be full objectivity and I would not be accused of being incompetent. Late today, I found out that your HAFA subcontractor has lost the file or can not see it in Equator, they are looking for the purchase offer.  This is coming from the Escalation Officer at AMS.

This of course means after you issued instruction to escalate these files it has taken 30 days to even look at the file.  I say break out your CHECK BOOK, FREDDIE MAC IS OWNED SOME MONEY.. and by the way I did my job and I want my commission.  Does your company have no shame?  Do you have no liability for reckless abandonment of these files?  Pay me and fix my client’s credit, which you continue to damage!

My Broker of Record who is receiving a copy of this correspondence can personally vouch for the person who has been working the file. The  incompetence of your Bank is not invented and I don’t think questioning the ability of the people who took over the “hands on” of this file is a good strategy to consider.  Fixing the file is not only a better plan it is the only course of action you can take if your to meet your duty to the investors, the GSE and thus the tax payers.  By all mean I encourage you to call my Broker of Record.  I am sure he will tell you,  I am the first to arrive and the last to leave my the office.  I am tireless in trying to help my clients.

If you are testing the ability of advocates to bring timely action, I personally am up to the challenge.  I have not one single thing that I can not afford to lose.  In fact, inasmuch as your quickly destroying our market and the Real Estate Professionals desire to commit to selling your short sale stock, your own inaction will be what rushes you to failure.

I think it was Socrates that said;  “the only thing I can contemplate which could hurt you more than a lie, is the truth.”   Where the truth can not go maybe a Congressional inspired audit or hearings could help. How many loans are you doing this to?  Do you really think you should be handling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan servicing?  These are Public Loans should we be paying for your incompetence?

As you reflect on this tirade, you may want to get your hands on the list of files I gave Mrs C*()(*_* & &)__ ^%$ .  You have more problems headed your way, I want resolves, my clients are not expecting lip service from me.  They contracted with me for results, that is what I owe them.

In contempt for your inaction, the files land on your desk, good managers own the problem, what kind of manager are you?  Tell me do my clients deserve better than your company is providing?  I think they do.

George Kenner

This is the link to the Video’s of the Bank of America VP.


George Kenner, Broker Associate Keller Williams Realty, Lic. 01229957

Contact George at 619-723-5714  or email  g.kenner@yahoo.com


When do you think I am going to recommend B of A for a Mortgage?


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  • WOW... Marvin If I were you, I would blog this comment to every pubic site so that all consumers will be aware of this.  If you have any accounts with AOL, GOOGLE OR YAHOO, then it would be a good ideal to email blast this information so that consumers will be aware of the MASSIVE FRAUD TAKING PLACE with these BIG BANKS...  FYI, I recently spoke to an attorney and he also informed me that any homeowner who has a substantial amount of equity in there home like I do there is NO WAY of getting a modification.  What he said, is that the banks would rather foreclose in order to make a profit.  They don't want to help they want YOUR HOMES. Once they get them, they will continue to hold on to them in the (shadow inventory) till they can get the market values up high enough to get back all the monies they lost to their own FRAUDULANT PRACTICES.  They are liars when they say they are not wanting to be in the real estate business and only loans.  If that was the truth, then why do we continue to see foreclosures every day.  Instead, they will hire some unethical attorney to dummy up short sales and lock it in till you finally get fed up and walk away from the home or you lose your job and can longer keep up the payments and they foreclose on you.  These BIG BANKS/FREDDIE/FANNIE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER!!  And I don't believe our President/congress either I think they are getting kick backs on these ridiculous hamp/hafa programs that never seem to help the consumer and always working more for the banks.  Why does anyone have to wait till their in foreclosure (3 months) b4 the bank can help you under the new "streamline"?  The whole purpose of this program is to intentionally get you to that position and once that happens, the bank is definitely not going to help and will foreclose on you.  So what ever you do, do not get caught up in this mess! The best thing to do is always try your best to stay with 45/60 days (never more) even if you are always 1 month behind month after month. The banks can not start a foreclosure process until you are at 90 days. It will drive the banks crazy having to call you 24/7 and having to pay overtime to their workers to keep up with you as you ignore their calls.  TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME...RIGHT?  These days, it does not matter if you have good credit anymore because even those people can't get a loan these days unless they signing their life away.  Anyway, consumers need to be made more aware of what the banks are doing behind the scenes if we are going to ever get back to a normal economy again.

  • George, last year I was assigned to BofA in Portland through a temp agency. I am underwriter trained but took the position of central processor. They call it HSS. On my FIRST day live, I caught borower fraud. I tried to turn it in the the teenage (It seems all their employees are teen aged) looking super who told me to just let the UW do her job. I emailed the UW totell her but nothing wasdone. My name was on the work and I dont look theother way when frasud is apparent so I went one super higher and was a little persistant about it. An hour later I left for the night and just outside the door my phone reeived the text 'You are no longer allowed on site , your entry card has been deactivated'. No reason why. The temp agency wouldnt talk to me either.


    While in training, I saw the white boards posted on their walls with applications taken vs closed and it was so off kilter that I thought it a joke at first. They were so far behind!  At one point they handed me a file to start that was supposed to have closed two months previously. Now I see they are being sued for 'continuing Countrywides unsafe lending practices'.

  • 12-05-12

    I attended a Bank of America forum on 1 point person,to expidite and a i think they called it

    Expedited service person to assist us Realtors , i will look for her email and send it to you.

    I was soo sick of Bank of America and Equator i haven't done one of theres in 2  years !.

    also if you have a local Neighborworks or Fair housing council, they have access ,as non profits to emails and phone numbers of these people that wont respond... someone also sent me a info on , an attorney that successfully sued Bof A for a similar incident, i cant remember what state that was in , but maybe google successful law suits agains B of A....good luck...You are Not Alone..  

  • Tinarsha:  I have the same thing going on with B of A and another Client.  THey have in scheduled for a Trustee Sale on Monday and still have him in loan mod.  They will not (yet Friday morning) confirm they suspended the Trustee Sale.    This is a Fannie Mae Loan that is mandated to be sent to Short Sale in HAFA.   Some system that B of A has.  Funny thing is they are all over Ca. trying to get Realtors to send them Mortgage Business.  FAT CHANCE I will send them anything till they get this fixed.  I could go on and on, I have several B of A listing that even when I get to the VERY TOP are slow to be resolved.  I can only think with it is like for Client and Realtors that do not have the "Pit Bull" in them.   I hate that I have had to throw being nice out the window and I look forward to returning to being NICE but, these are out clients we have a DUTY.

    Treasury Issues New HAMP Rule Requiring Single Point-of-Contact



  • Awesome! I feel your frustration, all week I've been having it out with Bank of America and was able to have a trustee sale scheduled for yesterday, postponed another 30 days. Ironically, my client received a fed ex package yesterday with a 1 page letter stating "we have been trying to contact you and you have not responded". What a joke! Are they running 4-5 systems and each system/unit does not talk with the other? The letter told her she had until May 31st to send required documents for her loan modification...mind you all the while they were telling us, we can't postpone the trustee sale scheduled for May 19th.    It is the most frustrating when I try to give distressed homeowners  hope and sell them on the fact, banks are willing to work with you, don't walk away from your home, if you can't obtain a loan mod, consider a short sale.  It's pretty tough when you can call the same number 4 different times in one day and each rep gives you a different answer. I have all types of certifications, CDPE, REO SS Certified, etc... I take on real hardship short sales! I think the ss process has improved from 2009..but, the process with some of these banks is still in need of much improvement! Part of the rise in foreclosures, I clearly believe is related to the inadequacy of the banks processes! Homeowners et fed up and walk away! My clients of nicknamed me "The Pitbull Agent", I don't let go and I don't give up until we have exhausted all possibilities. That includes emailing, VP's, Executive board members,  customer relations, etc.."Help me keep Another Foreclosure off your Books" .. My job is lot harder then it was 5 years ago, and I've become more of an advocate for process and change when to comes to my distressed clients !  Happy Friday!

  • Get 'em George!  I really admire yor persistence.  Post this on our site as well, and let me know if I can do anything to assist with this.  Press releases are beneficial (www.PRWeb.com $$), or I have a list of 400+ media contacts.  Here is a release I did about a BOA short sale a few months ago.  We got the attention we needed quickly and got it closed - http://www.theshortsaleguide.com/forum/topics/bank-of-america-refus...


    I also have an auto emailer that works using proxies and rotates IP's.  In desperate attempt to get attention when I was being ignored, I once also got about 50-100 email addresses of EVERYBODY at BOA including most all execs and managers, and threw them on an auto emailer emailing them ALL over and over and over until some action was taken.  Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to block emails in the manner these were sent, that action got our phones ringing all day and got quick action on the file.  That was some time ago, and a little extreme, but it worked! 


    It can be helpful as well to go straight to the investor, Freddie Mac will frown upon their servicers NOT taking action!

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