The subject of 'strength in numbers' was discussed quite often when theadvisory board for REOPro was being put in place. Therefore, it wouldbe both exciting and a very loud shout to the industry when REOProreaches 25,000 members. The question is, though: 25,000members...woohoo!!!!....then what?...

Jesse from what you've stated, the connections you made at the conferencemay have opened some doors, not just for yourself, but for all of usmembers. In response to this (without jumping the gun or reading too much into anything), can we as members begingiving voice to some ideas that perhaps can be considered NOW, inanticipation of possible opportunities? For example....

1) Start Regional Coverage Now: Jesse stated that nationwide coverage is an important part of this potential opportunity, thus the membership drive. Butwhat if certain regions or areas are already strong in members? Is itpossible that these areas can be 'pilots' to work out the kinks, so tospeak? What an incentive to increase membership if we can start incertain regions, begin getting actual business, develop the model andthen be able to present real working models and case studies topotential agents and other vendors to encourage them to join ournetwork.

2) Advisory Board: Sounds like point number 1 would be an EXCELLENTfirst major assignment for the various regions of the Advisory Board. Inessence, be the voice of REOPro to work with this potential to developtheir region.

Those are my two cents...or two ideas. I would like to hear from othermembers to see what they think.
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  • Hi Trevor,

    Um.....yeah, we are doing your suggestion now.

    The REOPro Regional Directors are currently building their State Directors and they are responsible for driving membership in their Regions. The problem is, we are really spread out, we don't have enough in any one region or state for that matter to really focus efforts.

    The other problem is, I don't really have any small, regional contacts. I know this may sound strange but, most all the contacts I have are looking for national coverage. I guess that's ultimately a good thing, if we can reach 25,000

    Now, here is where our membership can really help out. If we have members out there that have local, or even regional connections with small, localized credit unions or banks, hook us up! I have a very generous referral plan that I have announced several times but, no one seems to be really taking advantage of it....not sure why?

    Either way, if anyone wants to learn more about how we would love to help you with a residual income based on your referral of a local or regional lender who needs us, call me, 615-424-0961
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