24 Asset Management and VRM

Anyone else feeling totally conflicted on whose mandatory webinar training to attend, you know, ever since they started SCHEDULING RIGHT ON TOP OF EACH OTHER?! lol. Trying to get me to choose who I will serve or just major coincidence?

So obviously, they're not getting 100% attention tomorrow as I'll have my screen split and be fading the volume from one to the other every so often...since they TRACK your attendance. *sigh*

Thankful for replay links, I am...

Good night.

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  • Be careful with VRM  they have you pay all hoa dues and make it almost impossible to get reimbursed

    I just fired them after they said there was over 800.00 dollers in liens on a property and they will hols all my reimbursements until it breached that amout   imagine that

  • Yes> Would you let me know Which webinar is better ? Thanks for your help.

  • My fault REOPROCORP.com good guys or bad guys

    They sent two BPO for free, promising list, any truth to listings being assigned.

  • OK REOPRO.com good guys or bad guys

  • Yes, Agent Asset Disposition sends a new invitation daily claiming they are can help you get in with a lot of REO firms with their webinars from VRM, Asset 24, Fannie, Freddie...which is not how these firms hire.

  • The comment that I previous made was about Agent Asset Disposition. The email states that they will provide you with properties with Chase and Bank of America. Once you listen to the webinar it is different.  Have anyone received the same email from this company? VRM and Asset 24 are very good company to work with.

  • 24 Asset management and VRM both assign me many properties. 24AM is mostly Chase assets and VRM is VA assets. The only current issues are 24AM lately has been sending assigned assets to auction for disposition resulting in 1.75% commission, and VRM VA pays list 3% but will not allow any water/sewer bills on HUD which really is a pain when dealing with Invoice Management for reimbursements not to mention the sometime enormous amounts owed. I was out of pocket nearly $5,000 last month on just 3 such properties.

    Like most other REO agents be prepared to spend some of your own money up front when dealing with these type properties. It is a lot of work but when everyone else is not making money your commission checks always keep coming in.

  • HI Louise,

    Not sure which company you are referencing but both VRM and 24Asset are verifiable AMCs. What company or issue are you referencing as a "scam"?

  • Chase has recently (again) service released some of their assets, so those are dropping out of 24 Assets' management. Perhaps that may be why they are getting the listing- that it went to another servicer that works with a different AMC. Just a thought.

  • Are there anyone getting properties from 24 Asset?  one time I would have at least 3 listing at a

    time now only have one, there is agent in my area that is getting listing my task or always on time, my listing sale within 45 days. 


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