This is my first attemp at a blog so I hope this is usefull. I have been approved by a large Asset Management company and the same day my approval was emailed I received 2 BPO assignments. Lenders and Asset Management companies want and need Accuracy and Efficiency. When you receive a new Listing or BPO assignment they give you time lines to complete the work, but if you exceed the timelines you will be rewarded with more business. Remember that you are being graded by them on accuracy, also so be very careful about how you price your properties. Most companies are looking for a varience of 3 to 5% of list to sale price based on your BPO. A little background about me: I listed my first REO in 1985, in 1992 I was hired by FREDDIE MAC and FANNIE MAE. I was involved in hundreds of transactions with both GSE's. I left the business to pursue investing and have only recently returned. This business is very complicated and expensive to handle so for those of you that are interested be prepared and you will succeed.
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