Real Estate ProfessionalsTitanium Is Opening DoorsAll real estate professionals have a vested interest in preserving home ownership in the communities in which they serve. However, it can be difficult to identify homeowners who need help before it is too late. By working as a Titanium Home Retention Consultant (HRC), however, real estate professionals are able to easily identify these homeowners.Working with Titanium is a rewarding experience that provides a great opportunity to help ensure the stability of the community in which you work while expanding your network and opening the door to new leads at the same time.The Titanium SolutionSimply put, Titanium is the best at connecting homeowners to someone who can help avoid foreclosure. By becoming a Titanium Home Retention Consultant, you can become part of the solution:* Help homeowners stay in their home or relocate, instead of going into foreclosure* Assist homeowners with pre-foreclosure or short sales* Expand your real estate knowledge and contactsBenefits Of Becoming A Home Retention ConsultantThere are many long-lasting benefits to becoming a Titanium Home Retention Consultant. Some of these include:* Help people in need within your community* Build lasting relationships* Pre-foreclosure sales* Short salesCheck out their website to learn more: http://www.titaniuminc.comI have been a Home Retention Consultant for almost a year. It is very rewarding! Good luck!!!
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  • I submitted application online today and I am very interested and I have prospects waiting for my business.
  • I have been working for Titanium Solutions for over a year and the most frustrating part is getting the homeowners to cooperate. I make the personal visits and try to determine whether the residence is still occupied. Sometimes, they are already vacant and listed by somebody else. Finally, if the phone number that is provided has not already been disconnected I leave a voice message. After collecting all the necessary paperwork that is required, I have yet to see a loan mod so the homeowner is allowed to remain in their home. Maybe it depends on your market area, but from my experience in CO the foreclosure process is too far along and the homeowners are simply waiting for the eviction notice because they have nowhere else to go.
  • Hi Tina...I signed up in October of 2008. I would keep trying. I must of been very lucky. I called and signed up in less than a week. Call the toll-free number and ask if they are still accepting applicants in your market area.
  • I have had the same experience as Barbara Pedersen. I have submitted applications twice to no avail. I am very interested also.
  • Call the phone number on their website! They love eager agents. Check out my post that I just posted about Short Sale Prospecting to generate business in 30 days.
  • I submitted application online, e-mailed them but nobody got back to me. I am still interested! Does anybody know what else to do?
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