Although there are many techniques and tricks for being a successful MortgageFieldrep, in our conversations with hundreds of MortgageFieldreps over the years,I have identified the following seven habits that help create lasting success.it1. Providing Quality Service: Most fledgling mortgagefieldreps focus on quantity instead quality because they feel that they will make a lot more money having a long list of clients. Although true, it is also important to consider that if you have a client with a large inventory, providing quality service would go a long way in separating yourself from your competiters. Your clients will also take notice and consider giving you additional coverage area to get more orders. Many successful Mortgagefieldreps find out from their clients what are some issues with the vendors that they can help resolve. Having the proper training is key for you, your staff and subs; and is the best place to start.2. Promote widely: Many successful MortgageFieldReps rely on a wide range of promotional methods (e-mail marketing, blogs,REO Pro,, and pay-per-click advertising), since various promotional methods work well with particular demographics.3. Promote seasonally: Successful MortgageFieldReps tend to vary the services they promote based on the season. Clients tend to seek reps that can thoroughly complete numerous winterization orders in the winter season on there assets.4. Persevere through hardship: Many novice MFR's tend to assume they cannot be successful if their initial attempts to work with a new client don't go well. Nothing succeeds like perseverance. Stick to it and don't allow early disappointment to deter you. Many of our most successful MortgageFieldRep's have attained success after disappointing early results.5. Broaden your portfolio of services: In general, all services don't do well at the same time. When some services are doing well, other services are not. Promoting a variety of services will allow you to benefit by smoothing out the peaks and valleys in the lifecycle of each service.6. Proper Documentation: Since your commissions depend on the proof you can provide to your clients, it's very important for you and your subs have the tools you need to be successful. We strongly recommend you look into a great tech company to provide you with a streamlined system. With the ammount of photos,forms, and notes that have to be taken per day on each property, things can get chaotic quickly. We have a partnership with a variety of different service providers, so you can visit our site and have a look. If your client needs information on a particular property, you want be able to provide it with a few clicks of the mouse.7. Referral Source: In a business that continues to change, it's important to have access to a long list of clients. Its equally important to know where to look. Years ago we only had the phonebook to rely on to source our new clients. In recent years, it's safe to assume that the worldwide web is where you can do most of your research and networking. We have some partners that can cut the time you spend on this crtical activity in half. If you want to succeed and you're not networking online or at a conference, you're planning to fail. You can do a search on google or yahoo to find a few clients.Our top Mortgage Field Reps generates millions of dollars worth of business each year even in difficult economic times. By adopting these seven simple successful MFR marketer habits, perhaps now you can too!
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