I'm a long time BPO agent with RRR (Residential Real Estate Review, Inc.).  I've never had a late or incomplete assignments in ten years; all reports have been submitted on schedule. They pay consistently on schedule every two weeks. Assignments are e-mailed to agents. You have to accept the assignment and then it is put into your queue for completion. This started several months ago, whereby, I would get an email notice informing me that an order is available, each time I accept the order, I get the message, "Unfortunately, this order is no longer available". "We will notify you if more orders are received in your area". I consistently get this message each time I accept an order.  I did not understand this, because every morning, I'm at my computer, as soon as an notice comes in by email, I immediately try to accept it, but, I get the same message that the assignment has already been taken. This happens on every order. The orders are, already taken,  before I accept them. This has occurred on more than (40) assignments over the past three days. One day I was on the phone with RRR, (Abhishek Sood) Chester, as I was receiving emails for assignments and he saw what was happening and tried to accept orders on my behalf. Chester received the same message, "Unfortunately, this order is no longer available".
I've contacted RRR repeatedly to find out what's going on and they recommended that I reduce my fee from $65 to $50 and see if I would receive more assignments. I reduced my fee to $50 and the same thing is happening. There are numerous orders daily. I was communicating with Chester ( (Abhishek Sood) and he told be that some agents were using automation software that capture and accept BPO assignments as soon as the notice is released from their IT center. Chester referred me to his supervisor Samuel John, who asked me to track the assignments by listing them in a spreadsheet he provided to me so they can see where these orders are going. Samuel John, provided me with a spreadsheet and I noted over sixty (60) assignments in a (4) day period being captured by another agent. I continue to see the orders coming to my email every day, but, have not been able to accept (1) order, because, they're already taken. RRR tells me that they discourage using automation software to accept assignments, but, they are reluctant to do anything about it. I've called and complained a dozen times in attempt to get at least some assignments and RRR seems more disturbed with me calling them with this issue rather then doing anything about it. I have not had any assignments form RRR in months, but, orders come to my email address everyday, but they are already accepted. I've given up trying to accept any assignments and RRR will not reassign any of the numerous orders that are automatically accepted by another agent. I'm sure the other agent with have a happy holiday with the numerous assignment they've captured over the last several months. Can anyone help me? or offer any ideas on what I should do? Herman 
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  • I know this posting is old but I thought that I would try to help and take a minute to let everyone know how RRR assigns their orders. They are like Clear Capital in a few ways by how they send out a new order notification to just one 'Exclusive Agent.' They have up to 1 hour to accept or decline the order. This is why some folks don't have to rush.

    They use a selective criteria for deciding who to send an order to first, these are:

    1. An agent, broker or appraisers 'score' of past work performance.
    2. How close someone is to the subject property or the order they are trying to assign out.
    3. The amount of time that someone has been an RRR vendor with them.

    Once an Exclusive order goes out and no one accepts it within an hour, then in the next hour they broadcast it to multiple agents/brokers or appraisers through a mass email.

    If no one accepts an order after 2 hours they will send one last email out to multiple real estate pros asking for them to let them know how much they would accept to do the order and give them a dollar amount for their fee.

    Lastly, if still no one accepts an order, then I'm sure they are on the phone calling from India!

  • Has anyone seen a workflow stop from RRR ive gone from 5 Auto Assigns a day to almost none a week in Fl

  • Ive worked with this company for years. They pay slow but they have always paid. However, I just received an order for a property I have completed bpos on in the past. After going back through my files I saw where I was not paid for the last order I had completed on this same property back in Sept 2015. I emailed the billing dept about this issue and the response was "this order was canceled, you will not be paid". I was not informed this order had been canceled. I completed and submitted this order. As far as I know it was canceled AFTER I submitted. The ONLY way you can inquire about payment is through the email they provide you with. You cannot call to check. As far as the latest order assigned to me on the same property?? Well, good luck to them. I just canceled that order. Ooops... I must have forgotten to tell RRR. 

  • Michael I'm not sure what point you are trying to make
  • I forgot to say that $4 ia slightly better then an average days pay in India. So for $12 they will capture and complete the bpo and all you have to do is shoot pictures or hire someone to do that.  I've also given then tons of BPO that I received the Unfortunately message on where I was on line and monitoring my email and they could easily have tracked down the person in my area and fired them but interestily they haven't???? What does that tell you???

  • I have experienced the same and I think I stumbled on to what is REALLY going on.  The problem is NOT state side.   I received an email from  an autocapture service  I suggest you go to their web site.  bpoorderaccept.com.

    I responded to the email pretending I was interested in their service.  The person I spoke to insisted they can capture orders in my area.  I played dumb and said it was so tight I did thint they could help.  I asked for proof, which the said they could provide in the original email.  The next day I recieved another email with an address of one they captured for a client.  And it was one of my "unfortunately this ect" RRR offerings.  Thats when I went to the web site and discovered they "specialize" in RRR captures.  I did research and discovered the websize registree was RajanPatel and it was registered around August about the same time I started to have problems.  FYI Rajan and Patel are both very common Indian names.  At the site the only accept paayment via PayPal.  Very common for overseas payments.  Then shortly after that I received an email from an bpo completion service which could do form fill for $4 and complete, less sub pics for $8.  I l accidentalyy deleted that bpo but the address of the compamany at the bottom of the page was in India.  RRR has a snake in the grass in India and they won't admit it to themselves and changing IT protection isn't going to help. Which by the way is now said to be in Feb since the address thing didnt work. 

    I passed all this info to RRR but I think they just shined in on as worthless. I asked then if they would let me join the service and track back some bpos I got thru the service but there was no response and to this date nothing has changed.


  • You have someone running auto accept in your area but they are changing to a visual code ie a house number you have to see that cannot be decoded do not change your fee
  • I've heard from more than 50 agents directly by email regarding this matter. RRR needs to come up with a better way to make order distribution fair for all agents. If you haven't, please complaint directly to RRR, here are their phone numbers and email addresses: 866-876-5095 or 801-293-2579 or email: RRRAgentServices@rrreview.com, and copy to: Samuel.John@rrreview.com, Abhishek.Sood@rrreview.com. They need to hear directly from you now.

  • I have the same problem. Since November thru today, I received over 150 emails with orders from RRR, and have not been able to accept even one due to some agent(s) using capture software.  I refuse to use it as I believe it is inappropiate and unethical as  only the large companies can afford them. I also complained to RRR and kept getting a denial from them about it, so I just gave them up and automatically delete their emails.

    Julio A. Shea

    O'Shea Realty of Miami, LLC, State of Florida

  • What state are you located in. I have never seen a BPO assignment from RRR for $35 or $40 in Colorado. I set a minimum fee that I will accept an assignment at. I do not see any assignments for less than that amount. I would be insulted if offered an assignment for $35.00. I can not pay for vehicle gas/insurance/maintenance, MLS time, my time/real estate experience, digital camera, license/E & O Insurance, Etcetera. Do you realize that you can work at McDonald’s and earn more than $10.00 an hour? Why remain in real estate. Many BPO companies are pimping real estate agents and getting away with it, because, some agents don’t value their professional training and experience. Nowadays, the real estate market is tough for everyone. Maybe, you need to set your standards higher. I remember when companies paid $80-$100 for BPO’s and it wasn’t that long ago. Agents need to stop completing BPO’s for $35.00 and demand higher fees. Then the industry would work better for us all.   

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