Persistance is the key...patience is a lost art!

In reading many blog posts here and elsewhere on the web, I am astounded that many people who want to break into REO wish to skip an important step. Being persistent.In this world where we have the world at our finger tips, the internet gives us access to all sorts of information at the push of a button. If we want food fast, we go to a fast food place. We are not used to waiting and have not learned the lost art of patience.If you were getting a degree in REO, you would have to go to college classes, spend your time, spend your money, complete your homework and be successful on the tests. In this wonderful REO business, we are blessed with the ability to enter this business for little money, little time, but lots of effort.If I told you that the secret was followup, would you do it? Networking, follow up, follow up, follow up and networking.....completing BPO's are part of your homework and testing. If you do not do this part well, how can you expect to complete the larger picture of marketing and selling an REO asset?I am relatively new to this REO business. I followed a short sale lead to the asset manager. I begged the short sale person to tell me who the asset manager was and then I called and emailed that asset manager for 6 months until one Friday, at 5 pm, I called and she picked up the phone! She told me that I was the most persistant person and to click on a link to sign up and when she had an asset in my area, she would give it to me. I followed up with her for another 2 months before I finally got that miraculous email....I had an asset! It was in an area that is known to be a heavy drug area and I thought that she gave me the worst asset to test me. Although I was petrified, I went to do the occupancy check. Of course, the property was occupied and about 3 weeks later it got pulled for improper foreclosure. I thanked the asset manager for giving me a chance and reminded her that I was ready, willing and able to help her in the future. The second asset was a reassignment, 2 hours away from my office, one way. I went immediately to the property to take pictures and the agent that previously had it had taken all of the keys from the lockbox. I went back the next day and took my pictures, completed my bpo and submitted eveything. I then received a phone call that the previous contract that had been cancelled was back and that the asset was being given back to the original agent. If something happened to the contract again, I would receive the asset back again.At this point, the asset manager felt bad that 2 properties had been given to me and pulled, she started passing my name around in her sphere and I received several properties that I got to keep and I sold on my own!The key is patience and persistance, continue to do your bpo's, continue to try to establish a relationship. All it takes is one asset manager to give you a chance. Remember, would you like to list and sell assets or would you like to act like you would like to list and sell assets? Do the work that is necessary! I am giving you a key, use it to unlock your future!
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  • Susan: Definiteness of purpose....I love Napolean Hill, such timeless advice! Keep up the good work!
  • There is one quality one must possess to win, and that is definitness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. Napoleon Hill~~~ This has been up in my office for over 18 months, my mantra..
  • Gary:
    What was the worst thing she could tell me, NO? Or not ever respond? I have done a lot of business because of this contact, but not all from this contact.....keep trying, all you need is one yes to open up a lot of doors!
  • Super! I once heard that there is a thin line between being persistent and being a pesk. Obviously you're not afraid of crossing that line. Thank you for the encouragement!
  • You are so right. Great blog!
  • Cynthia, excellent blog,
    Persistence, consistency and patience are still the winning combination and has been for a longtime.
  • Excellent post Cynthia. It truly is all about the basics!! As with any "sales"'s a numbers game and all of the successful sales pros I know are highly persistent and tenacious.
  • Excellent posting. It applies to everything we do.....
  • excellent posting... Actually the secret recipe applies to every thing we do.
  • I teach an REO 101 & 102 Real Estate Workshops and I too am amazed at how many folks think they can just sign up and get listings. Many agents tell me they are not intersted in BPO's. I have done thousands of BPO's over the last 18 years and I have reaped the benefit of 65 closed REO transactions in 2009 thanks to all that persistence. Not only do you need to be presistent you need to be consistent. When asked how ofter to apply my answer is simple TIL YOU GET ONE.
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