LinkedIn and Social Media are Great for Business

Social media has been all the rage for the last several years, especially for anyone in business. From MySpace to FaceBook and Google+ being the big players in that technology, with dozens or hundreds (maybe thousands) of other smaller sites in play, too. There is one that was here before all the others that is often the most forgotten….LinkedIn.

I want to share some of my thoughts about this particular social media platform that was first and foremost a business-to-business relationship builder. I first joined LinkedIn in 2004 after reading about it in an online article that told me that I had to join this service. This article was about this new technology coming out called “social media” and how it was going to change the face of business. Little did I know at that time, that years later almost 80% of my information and news would come from these social media sources.

Back then, LinkedIn was only about connecting with people you already knew or had already done business with. It was basically an online résumé. You were limited in how many people you could “connect” with....

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  • I'm guilty.  I have a profile on linkedin, but rarely visit it.  I have a page on fb for my REO business, but not much content.  I've done most of my social networking on Trulia, and have gotten leads, but even there I fall off every couple of months.  Social Media for many is like smart many people don't take advantage of more than half of the features!  I'm going to start to pay more attention to linkedin.  As salespeople, aren't we supposed to grow our sphere?  Thanks for the eye opener!

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