Last year I was doing tones of BPOs and I decided to use help with automation to maximize my time and to have a life, I tried 3 different companies, This year I can see that bpos are very hot, just last week I turned down over 100 and I still managed to do complete 35 which is 10 more than what I really want to do weekly.
At REO EXPO there were 3 companies promoting automation and every body was excited talking about this topic.
I would like to create a rating system for this companies: 5- good customer service and tech support, delivers good results, and it is easy to use. 4 - good customer service and support, there are problem with the scripts, easy to use. 3 - poor customer service and tech support, program works, but only 50%, it is difficult to use. 2- Can't never get an answer from the company, program has too may bugs and crashes a lot, you need to be a tech savvy to use it. 1. Do not waste your money with this gimmick.
These are the companies that I know, if you know others please add them to the list, do not make rude comments on the companies or their employees, let keep it clean and professional, but true, please keep comments to the minimum, this poll is not to get brownie points or to bash anyone, just to help fellow agents to make an educated decision if they think about purchasing any of these softwares, I don't think any of the programs is perfect.

BPO Automation Group ( ) Never use it, last year couldn't get through to customer service to purchase it, it is a larger investment upfront, but maybe cheaper in the long run.

BPO 5000 (2) lacks customer service and over half of the scripts don't work properly, input wrong information in bpo form.

Realty Pilot (2) RETS are complicated to get, no live tech support, takes a while to get an answer and you have to watch too many webminars to use it.

BPO Buddy (4) much improved customer service and tech support, some bugs with the scripts, easy to use but it can be pricey at $99 month.

Trackmyforeclosure ( ) I just purchase it price seems good, I have appointment with tech support to do MLS set up tomorrow and I will change my rating after I get a chance to use it. low price $39 a month.

Some of the them call themselves consultants, platforms, software, programs, control center, etc. but they all use Imicros and Realty Pilot RETS, but it is semantics, after all they all track bpos and do automatic filling, and maybe another gimmick here and there, but us agents care more about the automation part than anything else, we want to free our time and same our fingers from typing so much.

What do you think???
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  • I'm also looking for a good, usable BPO automation tool as I'm burned doing BPOs the traditional way.

    I'm checking out Pams  I'll let you know how it works out.

  • I just wish you could buy the program package. I don't see why you need to have a monthly subscription. It's just another for them to make money.

  • macros are just the bomb and wow maybe I should get into the business of flogging scripts for users on a one off charge basis .... mmmmmm capitalism at work bwhahahahhahaah .. Hell I even wrote my own order capture script for Altisource it worked pretty well not the greatest but a HELL of a lot cheaper than $5 a order for 2c worth of my time hitting a button to play a loop again If i could figure out CAPTCHAS I would provide scripts to everyone for free  simply because Im so over everytime I pick up the phone someone is picking my pocket

  • to a degree I agree with Nicole BUT I think its pretty simple really the question is DO you have an hour of your time ? If so learn how to do it yourself.. It took me yes a little time and yes I could learn a couple more tricks but lets see

    Form Changes .. takes me one minute to create a new line in my macro.. Problem Solved

    New Form creation ... probably takes me an hour or at the most to do a new form

    If you can use Excel and and understand how to dump a csv file out half your battle is done ..

    Now lets think EVEN if you are filling JUST standard entry lines you can save 50% of your time .. for free now if you can save 50% of your time what is that worth.. ?? ask me for help anytime :)

  • Also, quickly I want to add a quick 'food for thought' statement about Rob Lewis' replies.

    From my experience both in doing BPO's, creating BPO automation software and helping tens of thousands of BPO and REO professionals in this industry automate their BPO orders, most people are so busy with their real estate duties to try to learn to create their own macros.

    For me, it took one month just to wrap my brain around what was happening within the macro code and how it worked. This was back in 2008. Although, I am really good with computers and learning new software, macro development is a whole different kind of animal. Even though, I am not a computer programmer by trade, my company (BPO Automation Group) was built from the ground up and I am still the lead person that develops BPO automation macro or scripts and it can be a full-time job keeping up with changes, new things and fixing items. At this point, I would consider myself an expert at macro creation, but I am still learning new things all the time because it is it's own computer programming language.

    I love what I get to do everyday, when being able to figure out solutions to problems when it comes to BPO form automation.

    Rob's solution may work for some but for many folks, I ask this, "Shouldn't you focus your time and energy on what you do best?" and "How much is your time worth?"

    I'd be happy to talk with anyone about BPO automation, just shoot me an email to:

  • Just to clarify on Susan's last post, access to our Members site where we house self-help tools like: user's software license key, download links to our wildly successful software products, our invaluable training and industry leading tech support is a benefit we grant people under our Basic Level tech support plan. Susan's support was expired back in 2012, thus she was locked out of our Members site because this is a 'perk' that we offer within our Basic level tech support program.

    The end result was that I personally (not one of my staff, but I, the owner of BPO Automation Group helped her. How often these days do people receive this kind of assistance and I'm glad to do with when needed, any time, any day.) helped get Susan the download link to our software and her license key, I even deactivated it for safe measure so it was free to reactivate. I graciously resolved her tech support issue, even after explaining the status of her account and her support being expired thus she wasn't able to get into her 'account' aka our Member site area to retrieve her key.

    With tens of thousands of happy, satisfied customers over the past 6 years, I know that we can't win them all, but we try our best and go out of our way for people that cross our paths, even people in the business that aren't our customers by giving them tips and tricks that they may not be aware of.

    I love what I do, do you?

  • And that software is free to
  • Susan I'm trying to understand why are you even paying for form fillers ? It took me about 5 minutes to figure out what's being used by auto fill companies and it took me about a month to start writing my own scripts and guess what if the form is changed I change it within seconds ?? This is actually not rocket science and as we mostly have one or two primary vendors it's really not that hard to have three or four scripts per vendor that you can use and adapt !!! $79 a month hell no
  • As you can see, Nicole has to justify everything and not take responsibility for poor customer service.  I had no tech issue.  I simply wanted to access my account to get my "key" that I had paid for.  Didn't need any service or help.  Just access.  Consider seriously if you want to spend money (like I said, we spent almost $1000 for 5 keys) with a company that gouges you at every turn.  Had I wanted some kind of tech support, I would have gladly paid for it.  I just wanted access back into my account.

  • To everyone that reads this posting, I will try to keep this reply short.

    I will always proudly stand by my company, our products and beside my team. We have the best BPO AutoFill software and service in the industry and we strive to continue to innovate everyday and solve problems for people doing BPO orders across the nation.

    I'm extremely proud of how far my company has come in the last 6 years that we've been in business, so for me it's shocking when it appears that my company has let down someone. I'm sorry that this happened and this is never my intention with someone that is or was a customer of ours.

    The harsh reality of Susan's situation is that she created her own tech issue that she wasn't eligible to receive help from my company to fix it because her support plan expired back in 2012 for legacy software that my company no longer offers for sale.

    We tried our best to go above and beyond our company policy on this and help her as a one-time courtesy, but this wasn't enough for her to be satisfied thus her negative posting on this treasured forum.

    I know that we can't win all the time with everyone, so I want to wish Susan well and apologize for any bad feelings we have caused her.

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