4359197403?profile=originalAdding probates to your portfolio is a smart decision. There is a huge shadow inventory of estate homes that are unlisted, unpublished, unknown. Nearly always, the heirs do not want the house - they want the cash in the house. These motivated seller leads are readily available through courthouse compiled records, and you can capture your share of this low-hanging fruit by reaching out to the executor/administrator that is tasked with liquidating the real estate portion of the estate. But how do you get your message out to them, continue the conversation and build credibility? Now that you have access to probate leads, what do you do with them?

Consider directing the executor/administrator to a site that is dedicated to probate, speaking directly to their challenges in winding down the earthly affairs of their loved one. Being appointed the Personal Representative is both an honor and a burden. During this daunting time, they have more questions than answers. The agent or investor that can build empathy and provide expert guidance in settling the estate will undoubtedly be successful. Many Personal Representatives that would not otherwise pick up the phone would go to a website where they can learn about the murky topic of probate and explore their liquidation options.

To get the creative juices flowing, here are some items to put on a site dedicated to probate.

  • Free Reports, such as a probate timeline that delineates the steps in the probate process or executor duties that outlines the "to-do" items that the executor is responsible for, along with other topics that provides education and clarification during this trying time. You can create lead capture forms where the visitor must volunteer their contact details in order to access these free resources. Armed with their information, you can put them on a "drip" campaign of periodic emails over a sustained marketing campaign.
  • A short video introduction to introduce yourself in a "fireside" chat expressing your condolences and explaining how you can help the family liquidate the estate in the most efficient and compassionate manner.
  • A home valuation page where visitors are prompted to enter the property address of the estate home to determine the estimated value of the estate home if they decide to sell it.
  • Glossary of probate terms for those families to learn the vernacular of probate and other pages that cover micro-topics like tax considerations, holding estate sales to dispose of non-real property assets and belongings in a dignified manner, etc.
  • Testimonials of clients you have helped settle their estate. Add pazazz with rotating slider widgets or pictures of the clients you have assisted.
  • FAQ page that addresses the many questions the executor/administrator have on settling the estate
  • A page that is reserved for attorneys, which highlights the benefits of working with you and what value you can add to their clients with the end result of persuading them to add you to their preferred network of real estate professionals.
  • A slideshow or other visual depiction of recently sold homes, to convey that you can get the job done and sell quickly.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and the possibilities are left only to your imagination. To view a portfolio of other sites we've weaved together, check out some sample sites.

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