Since the REO market is changing, but there are many distressed properties out there? Where should we be to be in the front line? What do you do to get more REO or Regular Listings?

I have spent few thousands on lead generating companies, subscriptions, seen agents spent on trulia, Zillow,tigerleads and so on.

Where do you spend your money to get more listings

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        • Marvin, I think that your system is a VERY good one. I did not mean to disparage it!

          I suppose that I should have clarified my post and said, "For newer agents on the board, here is old Uncle Eric's advice before you spend your money on things that sound good but are not necessarily so." 

          • Eric - No offense taken. Mailing 2,000 or so this week. I do rural property only and mail to every land owner in 3 counties. I imagine it would work if an agent picked STR in the city andconcentrate on the areas in the price range they want to work

            Mentored a new agent in January in anther city. Sent heremy businessmodel. Checked back late last week with her- had 5 closings in August.

            Pray for Beverly, but I think we know how this will turn out.

            • Marvin,

              Are you a jumbo postcard man or a regular size? And is there a call to action on them, or a just a "Here I am" sort of an approach to build name recognition and hope that they will remember you when the time to list comes about?

              • Eric - Email me directly and I will email a copy of it.

                • Please share the out-of-town landlords postcard along with the info on the paid post return postage. My email is

                  Thank you


    • Very good deal! Years ago, I spent ad dollars on a grocery store's pharmacy bags and a large bulletin board type of space in a health club as well as ads in a weekly paper. Those may not have gotten me direct business but brought my name and face together with my for sale signs to front-of-mind recognition. People would say when they met me, "I see your name everywhere." It contributes to your believability as a real estate professional.

      In this day and age of online searching, though, it seems that buyers dont care who you are if you have a property that interests them. Not sure anymore how sellers pick their agents since mine are banks and asset management companies.
    • Jesus - I would jump at a deal like that. You did good.

  • Well, for one thing thing we SHOULDNT ALLOW SYNDICATION! We own the MLS we should keep it to ourselves. Nuff said. The bst results I ever had was small plain blue postcards that had 6 check boxes. Things like "I want to know my homes value" etc. The thing was, these were PAID RETURN POSTAGE!  We got almost 20% return. Hmmmmwhy have I not thought of that again the last ten years??

    • Hi Marvin,

      Would you please share your postcard with me. I am in Florida (Volusia County) and I don't think we compete.

      My email is



    • Marvin, would you mind to share your postcard? I like the idea
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