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Is any other Realtor out there having the problems I am having with getting their buyers closed on time with Wells Fargo.  It seems (I am in Central Florida) that there is no communication with the loan officer and buyers once the application is taken.  I am considered an (old timer) and used to the mortgage officer's giving me an up date.   But the Wells Fargo mortgage officer says " I only take applications" and that is not my job, and the most recent one is "I don't know what happens after I take an application".  Do you Realtor's know that these guys get paid a salary and most mortgage officers get paid a commission like us!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please give me your honest dealings with Wells Fargo!



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  • I am in Las Vegas and I too have had bad experiences with Wells Fargo.  It was more than once that I had a file cancel the day before a delayed closing because Wells Fargo decided, that late in the game, that they didn't want to do the loan.  My whole office tries not to use them.  None of us has ever had one close on time. 

  • I have been in real estate 9 years and have never had a Wells Fargo loan close on time.  They are notorius for their underwriters coming up with off-the-wall conditions the day before and the day of closing.  I try to avoid using them when I can.

  • Judey, Sounds like you need a different loan officer. The one that I have worked with here in Virginia has always been good about staying in touch with me and the buyers. And it's not just a Virginia thing. I'm currently working with one in Tennessee (outgoing referral) who has been really good at keeping us inform on the status of the loan throughout the whole process. Are the buyers going to Wells directly or through the website?
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