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Hi All,

I just got a sales call from United Default Management. 

They want $549 for 3 counties. Their business plan is to send me to do BPOs on homes that have NOT been foreclosed, but instead are in PRE-FORECLOSURE  (which is every home with a mortgage, in my opinion, PRE simply meaning BEFORE, haha).

I have heard this song before. And have even paid for a few (insert embarrassed face emoji here).

Before I say anything negative about a company I don't know much about, has anyone heard anything, had any dealings?

On the sales call there was a screener, then an "asset manager." He didn't know the difference between pre-foreclosure and foreclosed. I asked if these were directed short sales and he didn't even understand what I meant. Their website is copyright 2017. New. And they are in Chicago, which is where a number of these scam companies are located.

I look forward to any info anyone has.


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  • I also received a call yesterday from Veronica Williams, United Default Management aka Livi Asset Management. According to Veronica the cost is $549 for 3 counties, $439 for 2 counties, and $349 for 1 county. Although she sounded very convincing, the property she gave me was not even in foreclosure! I requested references which could not be provided. If it sounds too good then you know it is a scam!

  • Received a phone call yesterday, but knew it was an scam going 30 seconds in the conversation. But I got her to Email me. See below in case she call you.

    From: Victoria Williams <victoria@uniteddefaultmanagement.com>
    To: safewayrealty@yahoo.com
    Sent: Tuesday, November 7, 2017 4:16 PM
    Subject: Initial REO Listing Assignment and Site Tour!

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. 
    As mentioned you were referred over to me by one of the banks that I work with & as discussed we at Livi Management are currently looking to partner with an experienced REO agent to market some of the portfolios that our servicers have handed down to us. In a well monitored but, ever changing industry we set our selves aside from other asset managing companies by simply looking at the task at hand and taking the most direct and effective actions to achieve our goals. We just so happen to have the same goal; earning commissions with hard work integrity and planned courses of action. 
    Our servicers are currently offering 6.8% commission of which our firm retains the .8%, the other 6% is to be listed in escrow to split between listing agent and the buyers agent. 
    We will have national field services that will be contracted to perform all of the physical work on the asset, such as; trash outs, maintenance, repairs, re-keying, weatherization, mold removal, code enforcement, and closing costs. 
    Our Legal team will handle all assets where occupants need to be vacated either by cash for keys, relocation services or evictions. We finance everything directly and will invoice our servicers so that the financial burden does fall on our agents or brokers shoulders. Aggressive marketing is the name of the game in a competitive market and that's what we are looking for from you!
    The property currently available for assignment is: 

    97 Avenue E,

    Lodi, NJ 07644

    Livi Management currently uses United Default Management's platform to communicate with our network of lenders,  & all assignments & tasks are done through this platform & this will make all of your assignments seamless through this gateway. 
    I don't know If you are familiar with their portal or If you're currently activated with them, but you would need to be an active member with their platform in order to work on any of the REO's that we will supply you with in which If you are currently apart of their platform then you can just start working on the BPO but If not please see below.
    Please see the site tour link Click Here To Take A Tour! to acclimate yourself with the system. 
    Follow the directions and you will navigate through the system with ease.
    Livi Management offer profiles and tools for many types of professional to fit your occupational needs. Equipped with Servicer, Asset Manager, Executive Agent, Vendor and Executive portals allow us to effectively organize and connect the necessary parties. 
    We Offer Three Packages for Agents:
    • Gold Executive- Includes a one year subscription with three counties and twenty five zip codes of automated generated assignment notifications of new assignments and tasks, easy-fill BPO format, occupancy check report templates, and your own personal profile allowing us to market you to servicers, financial institutions and vendors. $519.00
    • Silver Executive-Includes one year subscription with twenty five zip codes and two county automated generated notifications of new assignments and tasks, easy-fill BPO format, Occupancy check report templates, and your own personal profile allowing us to market and connect you to servicers, financial institutions and vendors. $439.00
    • Bronze Executive- Includes one year subscription with twenty five zip codes or one county automated generated notifications of new assignments and tasks, easy-fill BPO format, Occupancy check report templates, and your own personal profile allowing us to market and connect you to servicers, financial institutions and vendors. $349.00
    All Accounts Include:
    • Customer Service Team
    • Quality Assignment Reviews
    • Auto-Updates
    • Marketing Specialists
    • Timely Responses
    • User Friendly BPO and CMA's
    • Personal Profiles
    Based on the information you have provided me with I would recommend the Silver and Gold Executive Package for this type of coverage area you are servicing & your goals for the future. 

    Once you are ready to activate your account & start working on your assignment please call me at your earliest convenience as we are up against a deadline.
  • I just got a call from this company too. He sent me emails to register. I had my doubts about an asset company telling to sign up to get REO.. I called Wendy Kifee at REO network who reminded me out REOPRO.. Thanks for the posts here which validates this company is a scam.. hope you all are doing well.

    • Just got the call today from Victoria Williams and United Default Mgmt. Has anyone received anything from this company that can be verified? Or is it just another elaborate scam? Thanks all and stay safe : )

  • It seems that the person, Judy Farmer, who posted here in early October (I mentioned her in my last post on October 3rd) has had her postings removed, must be a good reason why? For the record, UDM offered me two BPO's to do on pre-foreclosed properties, of coarse they wanted me to sign up with them for $349. I had asked them to put me in contact with a reference or two first who could confirm having worked for them and was paid. I never received any references. 

    • Just got a call trying to verify the authenticity of the company. 

  • I would like to know also. I was contacted 10-13-17.

  • Hi Chris,

    I just received a call from United Default Management ( LIVI Management) and yes, they are located in Chicago (Glenview)  After going through a long conversation with a guy named Bryan, looking at their forms, etc, then he mentioned the upfront fee---can't remember exactly the amount----told him " I've been through this before and will only pay on the back end and nothing upfront.  His song and dance sounded very much like Optimal REO that a lot of us had contact with last year.  I asked him if he could send me the name of an agent he is working with and he said he would send that information to me----have yet to receive it.  He did though seem knowledgeble about the whole process and the property he was going to assign me is scheduled for trustee sale on 10/17.  Would like to hear if others have received the same call!!  I did tell him that I am active on this website and told him his "scam" will go like wildfire to all the other agents!!

  • Somethings wrong here.. For those that have been following this discussion you may remember that there was a Jannie Gurney who recently posted that she had received a 900k portfolio from United Default Mgmt. and had been working with them since Feb, I believe it was. Well, I phoned her in Clermont Fl. and asked her about the company. She had no idea what I was talking about, she never did any work for them and had no clue about this website and claimed she made no such postings here. I reported this issue to Mr. Gonzalez (w/ REO PRO), and it seems Jannie's postings have been removed, so it seems something wasn't legit. Now comes Judy Farmer, who has posted here and claims she has worked for them for 6 months. Well, I looked her up and called her Broker where I thought she worked, they say she hasn't worked with them for quite a while, I called what I believe is her home phone number, I got a disconnected response, AND I checked with the Kentucky R/E Commission website and she is not listed as an agent, not active or inactive. Somethings wrong with this picture. As they say; "warning to the wise is sufficient".

    • I just got a call from United Default Mgmt, Thank you all, you and this website saved me a bunch of money....

      Love, Love this site ......

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