"TEAM" setups within a Brokerage

Who has experience as a "TEAM" Operator within a Brokerage? 


IE: The JoshSellsREOs Team of Madison Assets Group, LLC


^ Where I'm headed.  I currently have a small staff assisting me with my REO's, Short Sales, and Office Admin work.  We're looking to leave our corporate office and start our own independent free-standing office in an area that is more centralized to all the components of our Team.  In doing so, I want to continue to brand our JoshSellsREO's Team concept.  I just don't know the complete ins & outs of operating that way.  Of course any/all marketing we do must state something to the effect of "a part of Madison Assets Group, LLC a licensed Florida real estate brokerage". 


Just looking for some insight/advice from anyone who is currently operating in the Team setting with their REO staff.




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  • Hi again Josh,

    Thanks for talking to me today. As you learn more, I know You will feel empowered by the opportunites, people, support and systems we have to follow to make your Team sucessful. Also, we encourage you to have more FUN too and keep your life balanced. Sometimes we as Agents get so busy that we forget to enjoy life.

    Have a Great day.


    • Hi John,


      I have operated as a DBA for several years and in process of converting to an LLC. I have a team as Ira does. I am interested in what system you skoke to him about.


      Best Regards,



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