Streamlined Short Sales at Last!

Streamlined short sales or pre-approved short sales sound like the next best thing to REOs, and this topic was given a lot of air time at REOMAC. While it does appear the government is trying to incentivize short sales, who will be the winners in the private sector that will provide the most opportunities for agents?Has anyone signed up with the Asset Link Short Sale Program ($295 to get certified) and received work? How about Program 3648 (requires an up front deposit, and monthly deposits that are refunded on successful closings)? How about any other "streamlined short sale" programs?

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  • I know of only 1 streamlined short sale program that is currently working and working well, it's HomeTelos a division of First Preston. It has 1 huge draw back and that is the MLA (Master List Agreement) has a huge liability / Indemnity clause that is preventing the success of the program from blowing up. Most Realtor's just won't sign it.

    I have heard of AssetLink and am thinking of paying for the training however, I have a great contact within Fidelity who is trying to get me more information before I commit.

    As for Program 3648....never heard of them however, up front deposits sounds really strange. Not to sure about that one.
    • Ken, Jesse, I took the plunge with AssetLink a few months ago. I haven't seen anything yet but am hopeful. The Owner/Broker at my office paid the $$ and did the certification with them as an REO agent (back when they were still accepting applications) and it took a while but she does get listings from them. Also, as a Titanium HRC I am hopeful that they will one day get a good program going. What say you Jesse?
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