Feb 26, 2015 @ 11:00 PST / 2:00 EST REOPro will be hosting a Webinar on how you can become a HUD Listing Agent. This will be a onetime event and seats are limited to the first 200 people. It is a first come, first serve webinar and you MUST RSVP, no exceptions. The cost is $99.00 and to register, follow the provided link directly below...


Registration URL: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/7976672450494759681

Training ID: 182-365-388

Q:  Why should I listen to this webinar, hosted by REOPro instead of listening to anyone else’s?

A: On this webinar, you will learn how to become a HUD Listing Agent directly from an M&M Contractor for HUD M&M 2, who had 2 states and was one of the very 1st Broad Listing Brokers. She has also sold thousands of HUD homes since 1993 and is a current bidder on HUD M&M3.7


Q: What will this webinar do for me unlike other webinars I have attended?


A: With REOPro you get to hear directly from a HUD insider who is going to share with you, the tips and tricks on how to get noticed by a HUD Asset Manager.  She will reveal what it takes to become a HUD Listing Agent and give you specifics on what you need to do to get noticed.

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  • I was just wondering if anyone know when MM3.7 is going to be awarded. I been trying to search the internet for a while now and everything I am looking into isn't telling me a whole lot. Thanks! 

    • Nothing yet!  I will get an email when anything happens and will let everyone know what is happening.Have a blessed weekend!

  • Thanks Jesse for bringing this valuable training back to REOPro.  I missed it the first time, but have taken her trainings before and they are always jammed with good ideas and insight.  I took her 6 Figure Agent training a couple of years ago and have made a lot of money using her system.  Can't wait to her what she has to say on how to put your best foot forward to get the 3.7 listings.

  • Hello, I am already a listing agent for HUD for Ofori in Virginia.  How would I benefit from this Webinar/training?

    Carmen Quinn

    • Hi Carmen. In order to answer your question about how you will specifically benefit, I first need to know what you do, or don't know about MM 3.7. Considering that is impossible, for me to know what you do or don't know, I can only answer your question by telling you what people tell me was the best thing about the webinar after they attended.

      First off, I hear many attendees tell me that they didn't know each AMC (Asset Management Company) would have different requirements of their listing agents. This surprises most potential listing agents because they figured that working with HUD would be more standardize however, when it comes to the specific requirements of each AMC on each agent, that’s just not the case. Some AMC may have a one page application, that’s fill in the blank where others may have a 19 page RFP (Request for Proposal). Some AMC’s may require agents to utilize a specific technology platform or be able to do a limited amount of property management, some may require a specific marketing plan, others may allow for more agent discretion when it comes to marketing, it’s all different. On the webinar, Debbie talks about those differences, highlights them and shares with attendees what is required now and what may be different. Keep in mind, if you work for a HUD AMC now and have particular requirements of your activity, it doesn’t mean those same requirements will transition to the new AMC. In fact, the AMC you are working for now may not be the AMC when 3.7 is announced so, existing listing agents better get prepared to compete just as new listing agents will. My point is, just because you work for Ofori as a HUS listing agent doesn’t guarantee that #1, Ofori will be a HUD AMC in 3.7 or that you will be a HUD listing agent in 3.7 so, you need to prepare to compete just as any other agent….if not better with the information that Debbie shares.

      On a side note, I have actually seen, attended and read many other “HUD Trainers” webinars, youtube videos or breakout sessions and  I will be the first to admit, they are all a little different, they all seem to have their own twist on MM 3.7 based on their “belief” or what they “think” HUD will require however, HUD has made it perfect clear what the listing agent MUST do now and those “MUST DO” items I haven’t heard outlined in anyone else’s training except for Debbie’s. What she does is she takes those “MUST DO” requirements and couples them with things you can do to add value to your own proposal / resume and give yourself an edge on competition. Let’s also not forget, Debbie has a different insight on what may or may not be required because, she has sold HUD, listed HUD, been a HUD contractor and has a bid in for 3.7 herself.

      Hope this helps a bit, let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Is there a link to listen to the webinar now? (after the fact) I am disappointed to have missed it!

    I mean the original offer of the REOpro webinar... Just checking.


  • I came across two HUD 3.7 youtube videos.  See



    • Thank you. That was extremely informative.

  • Great seminar. Not only did it explain how the process is changing, Debbie shared her proven success ideas to make money selling HUD homes.
  • Jesse,


    I just wanted to throw my two cents in here. After being a member of REOPro for years I wanted to first say thank you for the site. I read the forums all the time and find the information so valuable. Anybody wanting to enter the REO field needs to start here, become a member and spend a few weeks just reading the forums.


    As an experienced REO Broker the $99 I spent on the webinar was well worth it! I had a few of my Realtors in on the call too and they felt the knowledge obtained would assist them in putting together a quality application to get HUD REO listings. The webinar was certainly able to motivate them to start getting together their packages early which in itself is incredible.


    I actually had the opportunity to meet Debbie at the NAREB Mid-Winter Conference two weeks ago and she was one of the hits at the Speed Networking event there. She provides a wealth of knowledge and getting to know a vendor in the actual bidding process is a great resource.


    If you were on the webinar and felt like you didn’t get your $99 worth just email or call Debbie. Guarantee you she’s more than willing to answer your questions, provide guidance and go over in more detail any uncertainties.


    Keep up the GREAT work Jesse!


    Thank you,


    Aaron Mighty

    Mighty Realty Inc.
    Orlando: (407) 914-7799

    Tampa: (813) 443-4658

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