REOPro Makes the Agent the AMC

REOPro is in talks with a national technology platform about possibly revolutionizing the REO industry by allowing our members to go out into their markets and solicit REO's from small to medium sized banks and servicers.

The idea behind this effort is to make the agent the AMC (Asset Management Company). We have found that many local, small or even regional servicers just simply don't have the technology, expertise, staff or funds to hire or create a true "REO Department" for themselves. Instead, they assign an unfortunate VP of the bank to handle the REOs on top of doing their regular job.

What REOPro would like to do is provide our members with a technology solution that would enable them to go into their local banks, credit unions and servicers and offer them a true AMP (Asset Management Provider) solution. In essecne, creating micro AMP's across the nation through REOPro.

Basically what we would do, is give you access to a technology platform that allows you to customize it's performance for a particular lender or servicer in your area. You then could work for them and become their own little AMP and help them avoid the cost of outsourcing. This way, you could go into Bank of Small Town USA, show them your incredible software, your incredible support, your incredible tracking, etc..... and win them over as their own little AMP.

Truth is, we may never be able to capture a Bank of America or Chase but, a larger underserved market is out there and that is the local banks and credit unions who would like to outsource to a credible, knowledgeable and experienced AMP but, can't afford the is where REOPro could step in.

The only question is, will our members go out there, sell our services as a AMP and win business? Of course, you would be our exclusive agent for any business you bring in but, would you do it?

Let me know, love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Jesse, What a great idea! Thanks for always helping us. You are the best!

  • I think it's a great idea. Let me know when and how we get started! I'm ready!

  • Jesse,

    Are you (we) any closer to getting this idea off the ground, or into BETA ?

    Could you broadcast an up-date for members, please?

    Thanks from Charlottesville, VA


    • Yes, we are closer and in fact, the platform I am working with just released a massive new update to their system in preparation for this endeavor. I am expecting that we will launch the full release here in the next 45-60 days.

      • Many of us have voiced our eagerness to get involved. How does this translate into definitive participation?

        Will there be an initial BETA test or after it gets "sanctioned" we will be given the opportunity to opt in (pay up, I presume?) or will it be awarded by region or 1st-come, 1st-served?

        Any ideas? Inclinations?

        Tell us more!

        Your adoring fans want to know!

        • Well, it's a platform so, I can't imagine people having to "pay up" other than the monthly access fee to the platform, which by the way, goes directly to the platform provider, REOPro gets none of that.

          What REOPro can do is provide you, the agent with additional legitimacy through...

          1. Marketing Material

          2. Certifications / Designations

          3. On-going Training / Mentoring

          The reality is, most of you should already have relationships or can easily develop relationships with local banks and lenders, if you just had market legitimacy. Or, in other words, the ability to "wow" your local banks and lenders with...

          1. Knowledge

          2. Experience

          3. Expertise

          So, with the platform + REOPro, you should have enough to open the door and get your foot in, from there, it's all on you. 

          Short of that......that is all I got at the moment so, if any of you have any additional ideas, my door is wide open. 

          NOTE: I have been looking at more involvement on REOPro's side where REOPro actually brings in the business and farms it out to our local agents but, I don't know that we have the budget for that hence, why we would need a lot of local agents to get out there and "Sale" it themselves. 

  • It seems a great idea. I would defenitely go out there as we have bunch of small banks in my area.

  • We are and always will be the "boots on the ground". I would sell the platform. I will stay tuned! I have worked with many-a-AMC have seen what is working and what isn't... and having too many fingers in the REO mix simply isn't working very well. Outsource to one knowledgeable, trustworthy and reputable outfit = good business.

  • Jesus,


    This is a great idea.  Keep me posted, I would love to be involved.  Let me know if you need anything from Washington State


    Thanks, Doug

  • Hi Jesse,

    I am very interested in your idea.  The Southern California market is very hot right now.  Anything that helps my business become more effective and potentially increase is appreciated.  Please let me know once this becomes available.

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