Mid Year Reivew

Hello everybody, I hope you all had as much fun last weekend as I did. It was nice to enjoy a weekend with the family, lots of great food, drinks, pool, parades and fireworks. But now is time to get back to close the second half of 2011 to make sure it is a successful year.

I usually set goals every year in November for the upcoming year. I have personal goals, professional goals as an agent, team goals for my team, and company goals for my brokerage. I was looking at my first half numbers, and I found some interesting facts.

First my total units sold is better than what I expected. my volume is lower than what I want, so my average listing and sale price per property is lower than I expected, however the commission percentage is higher than it was last year.

My bpo income is lower than last year, my inventory the first half was equal to last years, but my current inventory is lower. Talking to some other agents in my area they are going through the same issues. Property value keeps on dropping, reo listings slowing down, bpos are slowing down.

Historically July and August are the best months in real estate for me. I can see that this year will be the same. I hope we get more inventory in the third quarter like I keep hearing, so we can finish the year strong. But I am not seating down and waiting for it. Since I don't have as many reo listings as I did, I am going after short sale listings, and working with investors. 

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  • My REO inventory is way way down. I am working on some other new leads for REO listings through this website and have joined NAHREP in my area. I am concerned about slow assigning of REO listings and have been working more buyers lately staying active and not feeling depressed. Praying for more inventory release right away. My market could easily handle the volume since there are many buyers out there and loans available too!
  • While I stopped doing BPO all together this year (rates dropped greatly in my area) my sales and inventory is way up compared to the last 2 years. Anything would have been an improvement over last year. Now if my checks will follow the rest of this year's trend?
  • That's great for you Jose. My 1/2 year is lower in sales so far to date but I have 12 more pending deals than I did as of last year. As of now assuming all close I'm 7 deals down from last year.


    BPO's definately down but an increase in REO from last year even though I can always use more business. July-September are always my best months so I'm gearing up for great numbers.


    Keep in touch and I'm wishing you the best of luck for the remainder of the year.

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