Has anyone used REO Lister?



I received an email from REO Lister.  They fill out the registration forms for you at the asset management companies for ONLY around $600.00 dollars.   Having filled out a lot of these registration forms myself the offer is tempting.   I was wondering if anyone had actually used them.  They claim that you get the confirmation from each company just as you do when you fill them out yourself.   I would appreciate any input.   I know that everyone is as sick of spending money to get listing as I am, but wow, what a time saver if true.

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  • I actually used REO lister about a year or so ago. Horrible experience, they did not do what they stated they would do. I went back in forth with employees and the owner and had to explain to them that not only did they not submit my application to some companies but submitted them incorrectly or incomplete. One of there points is that you will have to do some second round application completion on your own, but for me I had to redo all my applications until I started to see some business. Just use there free list and do it yourself. I have been trying to get a refund but the owner has decided not to respond. I have also found other people who have tried them and had multiple problems as well. My suggestion is don't waste your money.

  • OH MY GOLLY. Ive completed 3,200 BPOs for most of the major portals. My experience is: 1. Forget paying services like these. They are vultures and opportunists, for the most part. They offer no value.  2. There are not that many BPO companies. Yeah, here and there are a few small ones but the industry is mostly taken care of by under ten companies such as Corelogic, Mark2Market, etc.

    3, FORGET TRYING to hook into asset managers!! That is so 5 years ago! They dont care about you. They wont work with you. Thats why places such as CoreLogic exist!   4. FORGET ABOUT GETTING LISTINGS! Again, unless you can hook into a tiny local credit union or something, y'all aint gunna get listings! They would be REO and those come from the lenders to large and well heeled real estate companies that can afford to spend thousands a month keeping the power on, the grass cut, etc.

    5. You can find all the companies in the internet. Dont be fooled by the low rent opportunists who charge a few bucks for their enormous and update lists! Thats B.S. Dont pay a damned nickle to anyone. I paid for a real estate school place in AZ that had a BPO course. I got my money back. They had no clue. I figured out how to get them where to get them, and how to complete them with as high a score as possible in the shortest time.. I cant even do all the orders  I can get.


    AUTO ACCEPT PROGRAMS. Dont pay for those. They will get you kicked off the BPO companies list. I know because I was considering a big one that always advertises their system. I called clearcap, farvvv, M2M, etc etc etc and ALL told me if they got wind of an auto system they would cancel me. Some now even make you type codes in to be able to accept.


    AUTO FILL PROGRAMS: Tried a major one.  Enough fill info was inaccurate so that I had to redo fields. It actually took longer to check and fix than if Id done it myself from scratch.


    There isnt anything any bpo agent can teach me about BPOS. I can write the definitive book on the subject.

    Sure they dont pay a lot and you want to spend as little time as possible on them but what you do is IMPORTANT to the people who own these homes. You make or break deals with these. BPOS shouldnt even be legal!! Nobody should do them without some appraisal training, especially where ADJUSTMENTS are concerned. I never breeze these thing through and my scores are often lower than my control group (you know about those?) because of the time I take on certain properties to discover the whole picture. Because of that a major BPO portal said FHLMC told them to make me an approved BPO broker and I get more orders.


    Bottom line---everyone and their cat is looking for an easy way to make cash while we have a BPO market. Dont pay e a thing. And, dont look for shortcuts that could really be long cuts. There are easy ways to do things without paying. For example---get two screens hooked up Windows will handle four at least. You wont believe how two screens will increase productivity. All my BPO work is paperless, I never print a thing. Got my comps on one screen and my form on the other. SOmetimes I even have those both split screened and have 4 documents up at same time. I almost type nothing! I copy and paste almost every field except for comment section, where I use Dragon Naturally voice software to fill in. I complete these all day long and hardly move anything but my mouse finger.

    An even better suggestioin that I dont do myself---FORGET about these and just sell one home per month. More money for less work, LOL

  • Which service did you use?

  • I did use the service and I wanted to share my experience so that others can make an informed decision on whether they are worth the money or not.  They advertise $495 and they will register you with 100+ banks and asset managers and then give you a list of 50 more bonus asset management company list.  I used the service simply for lack of time.  They give you a questionnaire to fill out about 250 questions about you, your company, etc.  When I got the xcel sheet showing what they registered, it was 94 companies.  Less a few that the sites were down, etc.  They did not give me any of the web addresses to which they registered me, so I did spend days RE-finding where they registered me.  Many I found incomplete, documents ie: license, e n o, etc were not uploaded.  Most needed some type of information to activate my registration or were missing something.  If you are looking for BPO business, this will be a decent service if you are willing to follow up and finish your apps.  I had to ask for the bonus list as it never got sent to me, they did send it.  If I had realized I would be doing just bpo's I would not have used this service.  It is not really asset managers lists, it is asset management (ie bpo companies), so don't get fooled by that one.

  • I used a similar service in the past, almost none of the companies did business in my state.  If you could get a narrowed down list of providers that actually have REO listings in your state then that would be of value.


  • I noticed this is a older posted question. I would like to reask the question here in 2012 and see what everyone thinks of REO Lister (since I have been getting emails from them) and if they are still the best deal? I noticed that myreoassetmanagement.com has went up a lot since his first post on this question. Ready to hear some feedback!!

  • Good rule of thumb---dont pay anybody to receive REO listings. You don't need to. 
    • I agree with you @John A Walker, however if you are not going to do the work meaning signup with these vendors then you better pay someone to do it! What @Tony Rosales is offering above is something we could all do ourselves for FREE, however its like mowing your grass not all of us choose to do it. You should NOT pay for Certifications and/or the signup fees that some companies charge to be considered part of their "network". In general you should never pay for listings!

    • Thank You John, that is what my REO friends are telling me, to not pay anybody and do it myself. 

      • Just a note.. You wouldn't be paying us for REO Listings. We don't even guarantee listings, nobody can.

        What we do is get your registered for all the companies, create you a marketing package and resume, and I offer consulting and training from the Asset Manager perspective.

        The registration and resume items you can do yourself but we can do it faster and ongoing.

        It's a time consuming task without a doubt but it is one we have streamlined and become very good at doing.

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