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Hello All


About 3 months ago I was pretty happy I had just migrated to Microsoft 365 Exchange thinking I was on the cutting edge of the cloud. I was very happy with it until....


Tuesday (writing as of Thursday) the system randomly decided my password was "incorrect." Ever since then I have been in mortal combat with MS tech and it is still not resolved. Imagine the worst experience possible with tech support a multiply it by 10. My "case" had to be passed from one "team" to another, nobody follows up and everybody assures you they are working on it and thats the last you hear from them.


So now I am looking for your advise on email that works for you. I am looking for something that


* Is RELIABLE and has good TECH SUPPORT when something very occasionally does go wrong

* Has fast transmissions

* Storage (1GB min 25GB loving it) ideally with government compliant archiving capabilities for those photos and 20+ page corporate addendums.

* Has a chime or audio alert to catch those blast BPOs on desktop as they come in

* Android mobile syncronization


I have researched:

* Gmail/Google Aps: Same as MS, lots of bells and whistles but try to find one number or email when you need help! You can ask the "community", how nice!

* Comcast: I have experienced great customer service with them for other products but their current plaform for email was great in 1995.

* Blue Tie: This company really got me interested if you do some research. But messaged them on a webpage and never heard back. So I'm thinking if they don't want to talk to me now, they really won't when I have a problem.

* There are a host of companies like Blue Tie out there that cater to SMBs like us but seperating the wheat from the chaff is difficult.

* Hotmail: How far does the apple fall?

* Yahoo: Functionality issues, less capabilities


So as my REO and BPO opportunities rot in my inbox, I thought I'd ask you: What email platform do you use? Are you happy with it and what would you change? There are a lot of smaller companies that host for small to mid sized businesses, any out there that are good?


Thanks for your help!

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  • I bought several domain names from GoDaddy and use 2 for business email and one for personal email.  I never use the web version but I have had only 1 problem which was handled by upgrading to unlimited storage.  I use the archaic Outlook Express which still works nicely.    

  • Derrick, I use Gmail, I paid for the business upgrade (gives you your own domain based email It's only $50/year (yes year!!!!). It syncs with my Droid and my calendar syncs with Top Producer also! Really love having access to everything I need on my computer, smart phone and just about anywhere I can get the internet. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks Curtis! Did you pay for the critical support or did you migrate yourself? Was it a good transition?

      • No, I was lucky enough to make the switch to gmail when I left my previous broker to go out on my own. So I was starting from scratch. But it's very easy to set up and get everything to sync. 

        • Thanks Curtis. I looked into Google Apps but the critical support at I think $260+ an hour w/ no time gurantees scared me off. But everbody overwhelmingly likes it so maybe its worth the gamble.

          • I'll tell you, I only had one issue. I emailed tech support, they got back to me within 24 hours. It ended up being a problem on my end (I made some changes with my domain name trying to switch websites). They gave me a number to call and tech support had it figured out within minutes. They told me to contact GoDaddy and explain the situation and they could fix it on their end which they did. So far I've had no other problems and it's been about a year. Google docs (it's being upgraded with a new name) is awesome. I can keep a folder for each client/customer and always have access. Customers are impressed when your standing with them, they ask you for a copy of something and you forward it to them via the smart phone. When their phone beeps, I tell them it's waiting for them. Love the look on there faces. 

            • Thats all anyone could ask.I'm glad to know that if you do run into something they will be there in crunch time. That right there makes a world of difference. The next thing I am checking out is cloud storage. I am still with MS Exchange which I am happy with but now when I log in my heart skips a beat, hoping everything works right! Knowing it could be a 3+ day ordeal. Not sure how Google Docs would integrate with MS Exhange, also checking out DropBox.

  • Google rocks and is free. If you crave live support, they have paid options for this. I'm sure these options are less expensive than whatever you were paying. The best part...everything is in the cloud with Google including email, documents, music, movies and soon files when they launch Drive, a DropBox competitor.
    • Thanks Kyle, I really like Gmail too, in fact was using it as back up during this fiasco, and if it runs good in your expereince I guess there's no need for live support. Looked into Google Apps but seemed like quite a hassle to set up but really liked what I saw.

  • I use gmail and I am very happy with it and their other products.

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