Hello, guys,I'm still trying to figure out a good way to invite vendors to bid on repairs. I'm hoping to stick with a few good vendors so I don't have to always google for new ones. Some of them are gracious when I sent out" I'm sorry that seller has chisen another vendor to work with" Some flat out told me that I should've told them so they could bid lower. Do you have any suggestions? You can PM me.

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  • Good afternoon.  We are a national field services company with vendors all over for repairs and rehabs.  I'd be happy to look at any properties you may have needs for to determine if they fit into our contractor management platform.  Feel free to PM me if we can be of service.

    Best regards,

    Clint, Laudan Properties.

  • Maybe next time they will submit a proper bid. Don't worry about it.

  • We use a list of about 40 vendors.  Most are specialists but some are handy person types.

    Two who are handy man also do the rekey work.  We send them out to rekey and get a list of bids  based on what we know/saw and what they see once they get inside.   They can rekey and get bids on one visit. We try to pay them well for rekey jobs.  Many of our  large projects involve 2 or 3 bids.  All our bidders must pass criminal background checks,

    have all their licenses and carry the same general liability we do  That gets rid of some.  We try to give  both the handy men enough small jobs ie no other bid , that they don't mind bidding on the other jobs.  Several of our clients have strict codes of conduct so we avoid any thing that could viewed  as a "questionable" act ie kickback.   Many of our vendors know each other and have an idea what the others will bid based on prior jobs. We will not pay for bids or pay for work before it is completed and approved by the bank. Some vendors have qc issues and require constant supervision.        

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