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Has anyone worked with Chronos Solutions? How much out of pocket do they expect the agent to spend? I have been accepted by Chronos, they say listing are giving according to proximity is this true and does Chronos get it listing from HUD?

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  • Hi Eulonda can send DM Me I had tried to sign up with chronos a few years and I cold not get in. Thanks I will return the favor on any of my contacts. Yes in most cases it depends how close your to the property.
    • Hi Chris I hope all is well. I have not had any luck with Chonos. I Received a packet a while back and when I called Chonos to ask a question they claimed that I was not in their system. I sent them the signed contract from there vendor dept. and was told that, that person was no longer there, I kindly expressed even that the person that signed my contract (less than a year ago) was no longer with Chonos I still would like to join there team, I never heard back. If I ever hear back with positive info. I will share it with you..
  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Utility bills as you know are not the difficult to submit unless the client has a messed up system. 

  • I listed a home for them last spring. Their process for submitting expenses was so convoluted it was insane. Spent many many hours trying to be reimbursed for utilities. Cant say that I would recommend working for them. I probably only had the opportunity as it was in an under served rural area. Doubt I would work with them again. Maybe if they offered a full commission which I seriously doubt would happen. If you are working with chronos now Im sure you are used to the expense denied emails!

    • Thak you for your reply..

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