I have several BPO's  unpaid since August of 2015!  I  have left no less than 10 messages for Sarah in accounts payable with not so much as a return phone call. Her message says due to heavy call volume. ( I guess so) I have also tried to reach Mr Poole, her boss and the comptroller for the company with no success.  Beware of these people................... anybody else having success with them or any suggestions. I am really ticked off! They owe me Over $300

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  • OK here is the latest update --- just to be fair to the company. I have now received checks totaling $720 in the last week and supposedly 1 more is being sent out today (check processing is the 26th of the month). So something worked as now they are only 8 months behind. Constant contact with Sarah seems to be important and follow through always. My account was excessively overdue. So what I finally did was to become a total pest. I acquired an e-mail chain along with my account status from Christine - when she was still there - and sent it to Sarah and all the vendor managers. Any and all communications to and from Sarah are copied to the vendor managers. They need to know what we agents are experiencing in the field and exactly why their efforts are being stymied by their accounting department -- I have made it clear that non-payment has proven to be company policy. So have at it gang as I am not accepting any additional assignments and Sarah has placed my account on hold until it is paid up to date and that is fine by me as I will concentrate on building my other accounts.

  • I have also been burn by this company. I am still waiting to be paid since September of 2014

  • I am a member of Legal Shield and have made a call to them about this company committing Fraud (my favorite F word)

    I am also wondering if there is anything here by going across state lines. I will keep you posted. please let me know where you guys are located

    • I am in Colorado and their company is here in Westminster Colorado.  Sadly they owe me a lot more than $300. I actually put off good paying BPO companies to "help them out" with rushes.  I also got to know several asset coordinators who began to act more like telemarketers as I got more involved. Calling me constantly, babysitting the order with so many follow up calls it actually became insulting as I have always followed through with my work. Slowly, I became aware why they have such an approach.  With so many of us Agents unpaid our only recourse is to withhold our services and send back the orders and not follow through. That is happening a lot here in Colorado and it is why they have so much work on a daily basis...I knew that was strange too having been in the business a while. I began to take some of their interior clients and inquired only to find out they had paid their credit union $250 for the interior BPO and waited over a month with 3 different agents calling and not following through..putting these people in a upset frantic position.  On one interior visit I thought the guy was going to hurt me as he was so steamed and I was a bit confused.  The problem really is with all the credit unions here in Colorado who believe them to be a reputable company.  The people actually paying for the service have no idea we are not getting paid.  I believe it is the "F" word in that the entities who actually paid for the services and own the information are relying on a middle man to process those funds accurately and that middle man is not held to any scrutiny.  Escrow doesn't leave off a valuation or appraisal fee.  We are used to waiting to get paid but they advertise 90 days net and that is a lie.  I would love to help in any way I can as I am local.  Let me know how I can help.  I am owed over $7000!!

  • Oh now the latest -----  the company has blocked my access to the Broker Price Opinion website. Still no check that was "processed on 26 February - now 27 March and March's payment is now due. Christine is gone leaving Sarah as the contact. Funny though ask to speak with the owner's secretary  (owner is a Jacobs I think) and that sometimes acts as a catalyst to move things along. Maybe just flooding the place with calls in an organized manner may move things along. Mind you everything goes to Sarah's voice mail and she is not to enthused about returning calls.

    I just do not think the agents are aggressive enough to get their attention.

  • I did many BPO's for them in February and March of 2015. The accounts payable lady kept promising I'd get paid and sent me emails too. But, it has been over a year and still nothing. Has anyone reported this company? Is there anything we can do to get them out of business? They get free work from unsuspecting realtors, they get paid and the realtors don't. Crappy. 

  • Sadly, I see that my story is just like many others! I have been in the BPO business for almost 9 years now.  I recently moved to Colorado and started working for Broker Price Opinion as I knew them to be previously, now firstvaluation.  They have been giving me the run around for months, promising me payment, setting up plans and changing them. This is over work I completed for them back in October, November and December of 2015!  They owe me a lot of money and still call me like a telemarketing company despite my pleas to stop bothering me until I get paid in full.  The problem is with the Credit Unions in Colorado who are using this company and paying 4 to 5 times more than what we get paid for our service and work we provide.  Walt Coats runs a telemarketing scam and the best way to get the word out is to get the name of the Credit Unions using them and let them know there are better options out there, BPO companies who actually pay on time and the fees which our professional services deserve.  Colorado consumers are being ripped off and agents are being ripped off by this company! I not only plan to file a complaint with the BBB but also with the Attorneys General of Colorado and you can also complain to the District Attorney of the district they are doing business (District 1). Lastly, I would think the Colorado Commission of Real Estate should be informed.  The principles that run the company are not licensed brokers or agents in this state or any other that I can find.  They are a local Colorado company, located in Westminster, Colorado.  Hope this post helps other agents take action or at the very least get paid!

  • Oh you are better off than most.  Up date - as of 3/18/2016 Christine is no longer with the company. Guess she has had enough. Sent copies of the e-mail chain between accounting and me to the vendor managers of the company today.

    I have dealt with these folks and time after time they have failed to meet any agreements for payment. For me close to 2k in arrears. I do about 80 to 100 BPOs a month for about 14 different companies and really was not paying attention until my accountant asked me why this company had not paid. Then the flap started. I do not accept any additional assignments from the company and informed all the vendor managers of the issue. Too bad as I had formed some great relationships.

    Sarah said that my latest check was "processed" on February 26 2016 and  you guessed it nothing! They like to say that the check has been issued and then they hold it for 2 to 3 weeks before they mail it.  Next check is due tomorrow.

    So have made contacts with my local MLS and Real Estate Boards - CAR and NAR. Also have submitted complaint with my state's Attorney General's Office - internet fraud division. Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order.

    • Try the Mortgage Bankers Association.  Your MLS won't have any influence. And the national, state, and local boards could only warn your members IF they are not afraid of being sued. 

  • they are an affiliate of american title'think I will follow up there

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