I have been completing orders for Bpofulfillment for the last 2-3 years roughly. Recently the company has been blaming the agent for their mistakes and denying payment after work has been done on the order. I was recently denied payment or trip charge for a order that was clearly not completed because of fault of the company. I have spoken with some other agents about this same issues with this company. I want to collaborate with new and old BPO agents so that we can either come up with a standard contract for all agents to implement that will cut out some or all of the Wild BPO West. Are there any active lawsuits against Bpofulfillment? I know these companies change names often due to lawsuits. AGENTS PLEASE HOLD THESE COMPANIES FEET TO THE FIRE! DO NOT ACCEPT LOWBALL OFFERS AND RECORD EVERYTHING!( TIME STAMP PHOTOS, SCREEN SHOT ORDER INFO) 

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  • Doing tons of work for them — have one of the most difficult and time consuming forms ever ... but they pay promptly .. always negotiate a higher fee ... they need me more than I need them..
    • Marianne, I agree about negotiating the fee higher. I have been doing BPO for over 10 years and I did not accept an order under $55 over 2 years ago. Now that so many agents are in it and low balling, and using capture companies. I do not do near the volume. I was making a good 5K per month with BPO alone, and my property preservation company wasn't doing bad either. Now, I just bought me some chickens, I'm going into the organic egg business. 

  • I have been doing bpos on the BPOfulfillment  platform for years for Main Street Valuations, Carrington and Green River Capital. They have always paid me promptly every month.  They are one of my best BPO customers.  I don.t like how difficult it is to communicate with them, since they don't allow emails and no one is there on weekends, If you have an issue and need to reach someone, if they don't answer the phone the order is cancelled on their system before you are finished.  The difficulty in communication is frustrating.  But never had any issues with payments,

  • I too have been doing BPOs for years.  Recently I did a batch of interior inspections for Green River from Tricon Rentals.  I have not seen any new orders in weeks.  I have emailed with no response.  I called and there was no answer.  I am hoping they are not out of business.  Does anyone know???

    • Tricor seems to be a thriving business. 


      • do you have a website for signing up, tried a search with no luck

    • I get 3-5 orders per week from BPO Fulfillment end Green River combined and all pay within 30-60 days.

      • If you dont mind me asking Matt, what do they typically pay per bpo?


        • Lonnie, typically $40-$150 depending on exterior/interior, distance, etc. Ill only take it at a lower price if I have a group of them in the same area, close to my house. 

          • ok...that's an acceptable range...  I was just wondering because they contacted me to rejoin their team. I'm not starting my car for 30 bucks a report  : )

            Thanks for the info...I'll give em a shot

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