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Hello Zac.  I just wanted to quickly reach out and introduce myself and our team.  My name is Mikayla Lay and I'm a local agent recruiter in your market for My Agent Finder.  We partner up with the best local agents in each market, and then send them referrals on an exclusive basis.  Since we incur all of the costs up front of generating and nurturing these clients, we ask for a small set up fee commitment of $495 per year to keep you active, and then only 25% per closing that we generate for you.

Here are some reviews from agents using our program:  See Reviews

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us and we can walk you through everything in a few minutes, and check zip code availability.

Only Serious Agents Please
Call our Agent Recruiters at (866) 656-8712


 Mikayla Lay

Regional Referral Director

(866) 656-8712


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  • First of all, no referral is EVER exclusive. Buyers go through as many real estate websites that they can find. By the time this company gets them,  they will have gone to trulia, zillow,, local companies, etc. 

    Secondly,  we all know not to pay for a referral system. If they are so sure that they can provide referrals that will lead to listings and a 25% fee, they can wait for the sale.  

    This is also an old scheme. 

    • I agree! Its crazy Cece.

      • I agree with Cece on this one. Now....if they are doing something else like, sending out your direct mail campaign, then I would say maybe but, if it's just leads....unqualified, non-exclusive leads....then it's likely not worth it.

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