• Not me - I counter them all for much more depending on locations
  • Not me. I guess there are people out there who will? I have gotten some BPO requests that start really low and then get email that the price has increased.
  • I haven't seen any Clear Capital in a while, but Single Source is paying $35 (?) for exterior BPOs which, frankly, is way too little. However, since they do negotiate the Standard Property Inspection Reports (photos only) from $15 to $25, I imagine (you) could ask for a fee upgrade. Truth is, I don't want to be bothered with BPOs anymore - too time-consuming for too little money. I am doing a lot of the standard Property Inspections Reports, though. A drive, 5 photos and $25. The extra money pays my office fees :)
    • I am live in CA and gas prices are $5 a gallon and driving an SUV doesn't help. I will end up paying them to do it, however if they did assign assets then it would pay off sooner or later.
      • wow! of course - I wouldn't either. However here in Houston, TX the gas is about $2.69 and I don't go more than a 15 mile radius. As far as assets? well, who knows. I doubt it but hey, you never know. I've only had 2 in the last couple of months.
  • is anyone getting any assignment's from them besides interior/exterior inspections.
  • On Friday I had an e-mail request from one of my regular clients about doing a 'condition' report - exterior. I may well be getting old, but I shot back to them $30 and due by COB the following day! They took it! Easy do for sure, just exterior photos and the web page has places for each photo requested, generates an aerial map, etc. In and out. For this client this is cut above what they generally offer. Since they e-mailed me and I get little work now I just decided to boost the offer price. Year ago I had a client who paid this amount on every order.
  • In our area (North CA) Fema requires photo of every insurance to have exterior inspection completed within 1 year. Last year they sent out by zip codes 50-100 at a time by CC. Will not be surprised it is an annual ritual since we have so many fires in West.
  • Condition inspections are one thing, photo's only and the form is very fast to fill out. I do suspect that the $30 BPO is someone who is not licensed doing the photos and perhaps the report as well. Just a guess on my part.
  • What I do with Single Source is ONLY the drive-by exterior photos within 10-15 miles AND I ask for a fee of $25 since it is not a BPO and does not cost any effort or gas.
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