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    John Gattinger

  • Thanks John

  • Hi John I have been trying to contact you but know one answers your phone.please contact me.

    Thank You

    • Reggie, 

      Thank you for placing a ticket through support our team will troubleshoot your issue.

      • Hi,

        I've registered with Turbo-bpo but don't know how to use the order capture, tried to get support both on the website and by the phone, both of them don't work.

        please email me the instructions or call me. My account is under this email:

        • Maria, 

          Yes thank you for confirmation the name under this email address is Mariam Sarukhanyan.  The software is available for download on the Start Menu.  Our team has been notified to send you additional details for Setting Tasks & Running Tasks.  If you need additional tech support for our software please place a ticket through support. 

          For iForm automation we offer free setup within 48 hours of providing MLS credentials to setup a special export template.  Once complete, we email final results on the maximum amount of data we can automate from your MLS to the valuation companies and you can test pilot the automation with 25 free credits.

  • Willy,


    I appreciate you trying our software and I'm pleased that we were able to get the software installed properly and capture some orders.  Tech issues can be left direct to our programmers inbox right from the software.  We aim to offer phone support soon, thanks for the feedback!



    John Gattinger | The #1 Broker Price Opinion Outsourcing Solution
  • I downloaded the system and it works fine for capturing (I would not use these systems for anything else). Ocwen orders though are impossible to catch, are there orders now a days real or not?

    • Hi Yanoska,

      I was just following up to see if you had tried running the Ocwen macro at the 0 second interval?  That is the fastest possible refresh rate at about 1/2 a second.  I've had reports from other clients in your area that even clicking under 1 second intervals they are only able to capture about 1/4 of the orders that pass through their accounts.  Very high amount of competition and many agents utilizing some form of capture software.


      John Gattinger | The #1 Broker Price Opinion Outsourcing Solution
      • The 0 second interval does not work it logs me out of Ocwen. I have not had a chance to try it lately because Ocwen is like the singing frog, its been a week or two that they have not placed any orders...strange. I used to find my email every single morning with over 30 orders available from them...that I was unable to grab of course...

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