I am just learning about Titanium and am interested in knowing more. I have checked out their website and believe I get the overall concept of what they do, but would love if someone was willing to explain with a little more detail about what agents actually do when working for them as an HRC or any other capacities.Any information would be appreciated. Thanks all!

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  • It was $100 up front, you will make your money back. the pay structure just changed, each assignment pays a different amount, it depends. its not a lot of money, but the true value is in the potential leads.
    there is tons of info in this forum about it already, you should find everytlhing you need to know.
    • I've made my $100 within the first assignment. It's tiny compared to the leads you will get...
      • Thanks Nicole & Johnny for the input. I appreciate it.
  • CHeck out the Titanium group to see a lot of information on it.
    • Thanks Johnny & Joshua - I appreciate it.
      • I had the same questions, since they ask for money upfront.
        • On that note, I don't see what they charge listed anywhere. Do you know what it cost you? I saw that you felt you had made it back quickly...that's nice!

          Thanks again
          • Also - how/what do you get paid? Sorry for all the questions. I'm not being lazy. I did read every post in the Titanium group and spent a good deal of time on their site.

  • Every assignment is different, but you have to knock on people's doors to talk to them about their issues and report back to TS.
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