The Short Sale Specialist Network is #1 in the industry not only in short sale lead generation, but also #1 on the search engines, hands down! We rank on the first page of Google for virtually any term related to short sales, with multiple spots on the first page for literally millions of keyword phrases. This has helped us generate tens of thousands of short sale leads across the country, and close THOUSANDS of short sale transactions. Now, we are sharing our tactics and technology with YOU, and we are even doing it for
dollar 1

Here is what the Short Sale Lead Machine Program offers you!



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Check out a some sample websites to see what yours will look like!

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***For optimum results, we strongly encourage you to spend $15/year and purchase your own domain name!

Just enter the discount code "Get1Now" on the payment page and you will get your 1st month for only $1. We do strongly encourage you to spend $15 to purchase a domain name for a year!


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  • I'm an Advanced CDPE, and one of the many benefits I get for $99/mo is a CDPE Advanced site. Which, compared to the example mentioned below and others on the company site. The "Short Sale Lead Machine" (SSLM) one you mention is $59/mo. So for a savings of $40/mo, I would get almost no reports available on the SSLM compared to several dozen on the CDPE site, plus the graphics are inferior, and so is the design of the site (IMHO). I wouldn't get a new monthly marketing campaign every month that is also auto-integrated into my site, I wouldn't have access to the very active Advanced CDPE forums (which contain insights worth their weight in gold), I'd lose access to their Advanced CDPE webinars, and most concerning, I'd fall off the priority placement of CDPE's on the CDPE roster on their website. Oh, and an initial 12-week coaching program that helps you get a rapid start on integrating the marketing materials. Why would I give up all that just to save $40? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    I much prefer the CDPE Advanced marketing program. Much more than a basic website. Just sayin..

    • Hi Aaron! Advanced is unfortunately something that is lacking greatly on your site.

      Your "several dozen" reports are actually hurting lead conversion.  Ask ANY web developer, a reader shouldn't have more than 5-6 choices on any page.  Just a fact in web development.  Consumers don't want or NEED that many reports, 80% of which are not relevant to their specific situation anyway.  They just add a new one each month to string along agents, while hurting their lead conversion. 

      You refer to it as the "CDPE Advanced Marketing Program", yet it is a fact also that their sites make online marketing IMPOSSIBLE for many reasons which I will explain.  1.) The search engines view most of the "advanced" websites as SPAM and duplicate content, because there are in actuality just that.  100% generic. You'll find that a high percentage of the home pages have been DE-INDEXED by the search engines and don't show up on search results.  When they do show up, the website TITLE is "HomePage".  Extremely unprofessional and a HUGE disservice.  Check this link on google to see for yourself.  2.) There are no social networking "share" buttons on the sites.  This is just pathetic in the 21st century that people are paying for websites that can't be shared on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + ect, but this fact also explains why none of the sites are anywhere high on the search engines. 

      As far as your webinars go, CDPE can't touch our Short Sale Mastermind Agent webinars with many of the top agents, coaches and trainers in the country.  Tomorrow we have Lee Honish, somebody whose name is more regarded among REAL short sale experts than Mr. Charfin himself.  December we have Marie Chung (the #1 agent in the entire state of California) along with Vanessa Liddell (a former CDPE trainer who trained over 8,000 CDPE's).  We have that too.

      Yes, we also have a VERY active forum at with over 12,000 short sale agents.

      Here is what we have that CDPE advanced sites can't touch.

      1.) Our sites are fully customizable (not a generic online business card you have).  Jesse's site is as basic as they come.  We have a staffed graphic designer to spruce them up.  Here are a couple to show you how versatile they are:

      2.) Our sites are optimized for success on the search engines and do EXTREMELY well.  Check out a few yourself on Google with #1 results AUTOMATICALLY in highly competitive markets - - Ft. Lauderdale - Chula Vista - Portland

      3.) We offer a complete video training course to teach you how to customize your site, optimize it for success on the search engines, AND drive massive amounts of traffic -

      CDPE is great for training, perhaps the best in the industry.  They are NOT good at lead generation.  The Short Sale Specialist Network is #1 in the industry in both lead generation and search engine optimization.  Its what we do, and we have generated tens of thousands of short sale leads online and directly closed several thousand deals.

      Aaron, for the many reasons I mentioned above (and others I can't fit in under 4000 characters), your site IS broke.  Ask a any web developer or SEO expert.  I hope you decide to fix it.…
      • And for agents wanting US to completely customize your site AND do all the marketing for you, we offer many customization packages and a la carte services as well -

        I could name MANY other site features our customizable websites have that are lacking, but don't have time.  If you are interested in more info, visit or join one of our live demonstration webinars -

        • I have emailed your office a few times and the emails bounce.  I have tried to pay up my annual fee on your site, but it says there "might" be need.  I am not paying money for a "might".  I have also sent you a few messages on this site, but get no response.  Getting a bit annoyed.

          • Tara, I just check my inbox on here and I've never got a message from you before.  It sounds to me like you are also talking about a different program.  We have "Preferred Partner Membership", where we only allow agents in AS WE HAVE NEED to get direct listing assignments from us.  THIS program is about short sale websites and a lead generation program to help you generate more business, which is always open for ALL agents.   (800)810-5231 is our customer service line for the Short Sale Lead Machine Program above, and the email for THIS program is  If you got a response or saw somewhere that we "may have a need" for an agent in an area, that is NOT this program, for the most part it is a different company, which may explain why you didn't get a response.

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