• Did all of you see the training now available? Check out the Continuing Education tab. It's not a "certification" / "designation" but it is eligible for continuing education credit it about 20 or so states. WOO HOO! ....oh, and I think it's very affordable but, that's just my opinion.

  •, changes are most definitely on the way. I am in talks right now, with a training platform who has ARELLO approval and some of the training they provide actually gives students CE credit in their state. Granted, they aren't completely nationwide yet but, I think their default training.....BPO, Short Sale and REO intro classes are CE eligible in like 20 states or so. This is awesome news for us because, that means not only are REOPro members getting training but, for some of them, it will go towards their CE credit. Granted, the training they have available isn't a forensic study or an advanced learning course but, I am taking their training now and, at least what I have done so far in the short sale course is really good for a basic introduction course. I should be completing the other courses later this week and if it all pans out and I like the course, i think we (REOPro) will become both an affiliate and a curriculum contributor. So....give me till then end of this weekend, let me get through the courses myself and I may very well have some excellent news for all of you.

  • First off, thank you to each and every one of you for opening my eyes to just how "dirty" the word "training" has become in our niche industry. I knew that many of us had been burned in the past by those fly by night training programs that we were forced to take just to get a REO account but, I didn't realized just how deep that burn went. So, the eye opening conversation on this thread has been immensely helpful.

    With all that being said, I have decided now, more than ever before to truly go about offering training but, training alone isn't going to be enough and I realize that now because of this thread and those of you who contributed to it...both negative and positive. So, I am in talks now with partnering with a ARELLO and REEA certified platform so that any training REOPro puts out will be able to qualify for CE (Continuing Education) credit in your state. Granted, no every state CE credit will come on line at the same time and yes, it will be a process but, I think it will be well worth the time, energy and expense.

    As for right now, the owners of the platform and I have had multiple email communications and one really good phone conference so, it's still very early but, we are both really excited about this opportunity and I am hopeful that we can have our back end agreements in place by end of November at the latest and literally start the new year, 2015 by offering serious training to our members that either will be CE eligible in some states or at least on it's way to getting it's CE eligibility.

    It's very exciting and I will keep you all posted accordingly.

    • Jesus,

      Suggestion only. - I believe if you do any sort of training, I think it would be nice if it was done on a webinar, or livestreaming with Q&A session.    That way, a student can go to a secured website to listen to the replay.  You probably can reuse the replay again, if it is current for the next class with a new Q&A sections.

      You can have the students who signed up to down load the textbook in a PDF file before the class.

      I don't know if this is worth it, but any students who took the training can be recognized as a graduate on a website you created where there is a forum for questions with other students who took the class and share ideas after the training. You can have the students take the test on that website, if it is to be CE credit.

      I know for a fact, it would not be easy to get started on short sales, because Realtors are clueless what works to get clients, and what do you say as an opening line on people who are in default.  Most will not admit it if you are at their door steps.  Don't know if it is because the husband did not told the wife or the person at the door about the default, but I did not show the document, because the husband may not want to include the wife or the person at the door about not paying the mortgage.  (Got this training from Titanium)

      ...  I am doing this with a buddy.  We are going to use a negotiator who will not get a piece of our commission.  He just have the experiences that the clients and us will not have to worry about paying him.

    • Value is created by giving agents and brokers knowledge and resources.  It is not about designations unless you clearly point out the factual truths that they are merely marketing tools and are made up by the offeror in most cases.

  • I have trained over 15,000 agents and brokers personally and one thing I have always refused to do is to hand out some sort of designation. I am speaking in general terms here but it is a RARE occasion that they mean anything to anyone except the person receiving the designation. Frankly, most of them are made up as a marketing ploy. Agents like to have these silly designations below their name. It makes them feel good. The only program I have ever been and am currently involved in is a short sale program where there is a desgnaation handed out and we explain that it is good marketing for YOU to use in respect to homeowners. Sometimes they like to see that you are somewhat different from "regular" agents. We don't use this as a ploy to attract agents and brokers and you should be wary of such gimmicks. The USE of KNOWLEDGE is what is important in short sales. Not knowledge itself but application of knowledge. Learn how to find distressed sellers. Learn the RIGHT way to market to them and EXACTLY what to say. Then go out and close them down. If you participate in a program that promises to refer you to banks because of a designation and you rely on that you are in for a long wait. As I tell my coaching members; "The secrets are all hidden n plain sight." Take a course(s). (I advocate learning from as many perspectives as you can-even from my coaching competitors, as long as they have true experience in selling thousands of homes). Use the knowledge you gain and work HARD at it. THAT is the secret.

  • Listening to everyone on this discussion thread now has me second guessing myself. Below is a copy and paste of my introduction for a REOPro short sale training course....would love to hear everyone's thoughts....Introduction:

    If you haven’t already helped a seller complete a short sale transaction, statistically, it’s just a matter of time before you do. With an anemic economic recovery, talks of a double dip recession and high numbers of the workforce giving up and dropping out of the labor force, I can’t personally see short sales going away anytime soon. Obviously, some areas of the country will see more short sales than others but, none the less, for many of us, short sales are the new normal.

    As a part of that new normal, it’s been my experience that many licensees don’t have the sufficient knowledge or experience to adequately help their clients looking to complete a short sale. Short sale transactions are complex and require a greater effort on the part of the listing licensee than they may be accustomed to. Licensees who work with sellers will find themselves in unfamiliar territory as they navigate through paperwork like, tax returns, IRS forms, bank statements, paystubs, hardship affidavits and much more. I have personally witnessed and heard stories of agents making misrepresentations, committing negligence and in some cases, potentially committing fraud. For many of these agents, I don’t believe it’s malicious on their part, as it’s more a complete lack of knowledge and understanding on how a short sale works.

    This course has been created in an effort to provide agents with a better understanding of short sales.  By doing so, our hope is that we can provide the general public with knowledgeable and reliable short sale subject matter professionals who can respond to the needs of their communities and marketplace with accurate information. 

    • If its only $50 to do your Course in Short Sales, can you pls. send me some info.  My e-mail is:  Thank you.  

      Celine Crotty

      Licensed Realtor. New York

    • There are so few short sales in my area now, that I have lost interest.  Traditional sales are back in a big way because of the desirability of Bend and Central Oregon.  This demand has increased equity in the majority of homes that were underwater.  We started seeing this trend turn in early 2013 and now still have a significant lack of inventory to meet the demand of buyers, so for that reason, I no longer have an interest in learning how to represent short sellers. 

      • I don't blame you. Akron Ohio is an area that has not recovered to pre-crisis price levels even in the mid to higher priced suburbs. I pretty much have avoided short sales AFTER taking the CDPE. My short sale listings come from a large note buyer that does not want the expense of foreclosing.
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