• I have the certification....all three, signed 2 months later....nothing.


    • Don't waste your money!  I took this course more than four years ago.  Finished the course and soon later I got a notice for a $99 monthly charge.  ....that was years ago...I did not do it .  Shortsales are plentiful - spend your money on is the most recognized in the field.

        As for Servicelink-Assetlink- Partner First...whatever they might call best advice is if you work for them make sure your Business Liablity is up to date!.  I am presently defending a nonsense claim for Saxon/Bank of New York -  reason...instead of them defending...they used a NYServicelink  title attorney to represent them and when it got more than they could handle...they dragged me into the mess.  My attorney is defending for all of them... this is something...that no agent should be involved in.   My opinion of this company is they will throw you under the bus!!!  RUN!!!!

  • Glad I checked this board.  I've been receiving e-mails from them.

  • Just a quick point of info.  The National Mortgage Servicing Conference and Expo is in a few weeks in Texas.  One would think that all of these types of organizations would be setting up as exhibitors, or even attending this HUGE conference to get the attention of lenders and servicers if they were REALLY trying to work with defaulting assets.  You see most all of these types of organizations at the REO Expos taking agents money left and right...


    1.) NASSPRO

    2.) Depot Point

    3.) PartnerFirst

    4.) Servicelink

    5.) Foreclosure Response Team


    While all are very quick to collect agent fees and promise the world, NONE are exhibitors at perhaps the most important servicing conference of the year.  Heck, one person from service link was the only one on the attendee list so far from the above organizations. Thats OK with me, more of an opportunity to put The Short Sale Specialist Network on the map!


    And another side note, last August at an REO conference I met with an exec of one of the above organizations (known in the REO industry) at a dinner party, and he was VERY quick to say that they are NOT locked in with another organization which claimed that they had "partnered first" with them. 


    By simple estimates from their own numbers, they have now collected 5-7 million or more from agents, and I have yet to find anyone claiming to get anything from them in ANY forum on the net, and I get around!

    Short Sale Specialist Network
    Short Sale Training, Networking, Referrals, and Resources for Realtors and Real Estate Agents to help facilitate short sales
  • So anyone here got anything from PartnerFirst? I have not seen a thing, and they made a big deal last December on a Webinar that they got everything sorted out and ready for January?? Let me know guys if anything changed with your membership?
    • They called me again to verify that I really did want to discontinue, after all the opportunities present.  They asked if I listened in on the call with the guy from Service Link.  yeah, yeah, I heard it.  I told him that I had read Service Link didn't know about Partner First and he told me the real problem was that these companies were just so big that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.
  • I have been reading up and from what i can see the Partner First part of this is not a good thing.  They are just taking our money like all the others.
  • Uh Huh---- run and keep hold of your wallets!!!

    • Hello All

      I also signed up with them last year. I have not gotten anything from them. I spoke to several people in their compnay and they were not aware of that programme. After long hold and several calls i got hold of some one in the short sale department. They did not get any assignmnet at all what they were expecting. And they are not refunding my money as well.

  • *BUMP*

    I know hey had a webinar recently claiming they are getting assets now from a major serviced.

    Is anyone seeing anything from them?
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