Realty Pilot - feedback yet?

Hi there - I signed up for the paid version of Realty Pilot a bit over a month ago and wondered what others who have done the same have to say so far.I am a hugely positive person and dont like saying anything negative but I am a bit disappointed as I completed a BPO through Realty Pilot (which seemed exciting) - however after I completed it, it has been sitting for 4 weeks in review with no sign of a payment coming. I emailed Realty Pilot and they said I had to take it up with BREO, the ocmpany ordering through Realty Pilot. I thought Realty Pilot was managing this as other asset companies do so that was a bit disappointing. I will now have to try and chase payment.... I have also found a large number of the asset management contacts in Realty Pilot to be incorrect - I understand agents can enter information but I think for the ingretity of the list, it should be scrubbed.Anyone else with feedback - positive or challenging?

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  • I am usually eternally optimistic. With paid sign ups coupled with monthly fees, we expect a reasonable payoff. Usually they try me out fairly quickly if we both click that is a good relationship. I have NOT yet hear anything productive from others either. If BPOs are rarely released as I suspect we can image what the ultimate reward is.

    No, we do not need another platform as only one or two will survive. I was one of the earliest sign up late in 2009 and I have not yet receive a solicitation and endless mail whether they achieved their milestone or getting a notice what their business plans will be. The site has features planned but no content.

    I agree with Brigitte and others there, I have pointed out to Jesse and folks here some links are not credible or even exist. Is there a QA engineer actually validates these information?
    • I'll stay out of the Realty Pilot debate (as I'm a competitor) and instead bring up the need for a solid online resource that identifies & categorizes the complex maze of asset management & bpo companies out there. Back in December of last year I worked with Jesse Gonzalez to augment his already giant list of BPO companies for a ratings page that we built online at

      As of this moment, the page is active but the ratings are offline while I add to the existing database & recode some of the internals so it provides agents with more useful information.

      HOWEVER: in my experience from working with a LOT of agents, you've really got 10 to 15 major asset management companies doing web-based BPO's, and everything else are small or specialty firms that you have to research locally to really get in touch with.

      I might be able to extend our database to include those, but it'd still require agents feeling comfortable enough to share them, and most agents aren't super-comfortable with inviting others to split their stream of BPO's for the smaller "niche" providers. I'm open to suggestions, though - the programming isn't the challenge, it's the business need behind it that might need refinement...
      • Tim, I great resource would be what states a company is doing business in. I know this would not be easy to get, but would save a lot of folks a lot of time in just filling out applications to companies who may not do business in their state.
  • I gave it 90 days with no results whatsoever, I just canceled my membership as well. I'll apply my $30 to other marketing strategies.
    • When I first logged on and saw the plethora of AM's listed I thought we had hit the jackpot. I soon came to realize the majority of these names were scraped from other sources and the people behind them had no idea who or what Realty Pilot was. My main bpo clients all have their own platforms, why would they switch to an out sourcer. It took me a month at $59.00 to realize this and I dropped them. The same is true for the other platform that was being pushed by REOPRO, nothing in 4 months.
      When REOPRO was a fledgling blog the blog owner would rail against the companies that were preying on the agents. Now it appears the hunted has become the hunter.
      Desperate Agents Raise Funds for Asset Management Start Ups.
      Ok, this blog is going to cause a lot of friction however, please understand that is my goal. I really want to hear your thoughts, both the pro’s and…
      • I met Jesse and I have talk to him several times, I don't think he promoted Realty Pilot to make any money but maybe as part of a business venture to help promote the REOPRO brand and to help some of us increase our business and to reciprocrate business. Aren't we all looking to better ourselves.
        Now Realty Pilot is another issue, they have a lot of potential, but they don't have everything in place, and the way the customer service and tech support works it is very chaotic, instead of making things easier for the end user, you have to go in a scavanger hunt to find the information, and forget it to have any type of personalized atention. Also Christian B. gets too defensive when facing criticism. If they ever get it together maybe it will be worth it, I prefer to use Ebrokerhouse to manage my bpos, because it can also manage my listing, reinburstments, short sales, buyers, etc. and I use BPOBUDDY for automation, and it works well, and with both I get the personilized support that I need when I need, and usually I can talk to the owner of the company and they also listen to my suggestions and criticism, you can see what I wrote about BPOBUDDY in other treads.
        I hope one day I can say the same about Realty Pilot, but I gave them 3 months and that is enough.
  • Hey Jesse - I waited a couple more weeks and still havent gotten paid from the BPO I accepted through Realty Pilot. You had offered to research so here is the info and what I sent to Realty Pilot in December (they said contact Breo).so I also sent an email to Breo with no response

    Details of request: I performed a BPO for an order requested through Realty Pilot. I just found it today in QC when I was wondering when I would receive payment. It has been sitting in QC for weeks - there is no explanation. BPO is 211743 BREO, Inc 5721 NE 152nd Avenue (4 tax parcels) 11/11/2009 35.8 200 E Land 3 Payment offered $200

    Thank you - Brigitte
    • Anyone have any more news on RealtyPilot? I've been billed for several months now and I'm wondering if anyone is getting any orders.
      • I never did get paid for the BPO that was in Realty Pilot - the only BPO in all the years I have been doing them that I got duped on.
  • I think RealtyPilot is trying to be legit, looks like they pretty much have just one user of their platform at the moment (BREOINC) - and I guess REOPro as well - however BREOINC has only had their domain since March 29, 2009, so it's doubtful they have many clients at this point they're working for, and hence few BPO and REO assignments to dole out. It may be a case of where an early adopter reaps the reward of getting in while the getting's good - or it could be that you'll end up paying for several months of RealtyPilot fees, get nothing, stop paying, and then happen to notice 12 months or so down the line that they've faded quietly into history. Too soon to tell I think.
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