Partner First and Service Link?

I have had a few buddies told me about this company recently and wanted to find out if anyone here has signed up with them.  They claim to be a streamlined short sale company. 

Partner First Short Sale Program

If you have joined, how long has it been and what kind of results have you seen?

They let you register for free but then want to sell you a $399 certification, charge you $45/mo and then $30 to join referral databases.  This sounds as fishy as can be to me!

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  • Yes, I paid all the money and about 6 months of the montly fees to get absolutely nothing. I was able to cancel my yearly membership after complaining.


  • I talked to a VP at servicelink in June of 2010.  At that point, they were signing up agents left and right and setting up at all the conferences.  Partnerfirst BASED their reputation around their claimed partnership with ServiceLink.  At a party in Dallas this particular executive at servicelink quickly told me "Oh, we're not "locked in" with Partnerfirst or anything".  Should have shared it with others then, but I did warn many!!  While they were signing up and training inexperienced agents, we've been assigning short sale listings and weeding out 80% of them for nearly 4 years now!

    • Mike dont know if you have ever seen the article with DSNEWS that states they are locked in with Servicelink.



      Also checkout


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        partnerfirst and servicelink
        I got notice from partnerfirst about paying their fees and signing up with them to be able to get part of the flow from servicelink. I have missed th…
        • I have seen those.  I'll gladly provide the Execs from ServiceLink who told me they were NOT locked in with Partner First just a couple months after that was published to subpoena into court if anyone ever puts together a class action.  By my estimates, based on the number of agents partner first claims to have signed up and trained, and the amounts they charged, they defauded agents out of at least 5,000,000-10,000,000. 

          • ParnerFirst referenced that article in many places to manipulate agents into joining them.

            • Amazing.  They are still at it.  - I can't believe this is still going on with them!  I saw this today regarding PartnerFirst -



                Want to become a preferred

                Short Sale Agent Partner?

                We have selected the PartnerFirst Real Estate Agent Network as the short sale agent management supplier to power the ServiceLink Short Sale Agent Network.

                For more information visit

       and click on the "Become a Short Sale Agent" tab.

                If you have any additional questions, please contact ServiceLink Short Sale Vendor Relations at 877-875-2523.

                • Exactly.  You did nothing other that show everyone what servicelinks real motives are as well.  The are BOTH thieves as far as I'm concerned. 

                  Does ANYBODY really defend them anymore????

                  Put a fork in them and learn a lesson. Unfortunately an expensive one.

                  • Funny stuff again. I was not defending anyone or any company or self promoting nothing. I just supplied the link to show the connection between the 2 companies. I paid $90 for 2 months with PartnerFirst and canceled my account. Yeah your right, expensive lesson. Very sensitive issue for some I guess. Wow. Tough market. Your right, PartnerFirst are thieves as many other companies on the money grab scam lately to agents. Very unfortunate,

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