I have heard from other agents throughout the US who are receiving invitation by e-mail to sign up to become an  REO agent.

Their requirements besides standard requirement from other AMs


Sign up with Old Republic     ........................ 199.95  (169.95 if invited by Old Republic)

Sign up REOVM ..........................................199.95

REO Accredited  Agent Certificate........( Opt 1)399.00  Opt 2 .149.00( Old Republic Specific Class)


In my opinion, I think this is little extreme for agents to pay with no guarantee to get listings.  Does anyone list their REOs? I would like to know your thoughts.

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  • Yes, List their listings and it is worth it. Get tons of listings from them and you recoup your money on the first listing.
    • Hello Barbara,

      How long have you been part of their network? It makes sense if you could at least get one listing...I am in northen NJ. I am not sure if they are strong as in your location. I used to do a lot of BPOs for them, but I slowed down because of their fee.
  • Just got a request at $45 better than $35 but still..... forms are horrible time consuming. Had to reject that one. It's Monday crazy busy with things that making $
    Have a great and profitable week to ALL of the REOpro members :)
  • The local REO expert told me they have hardly any shadow inventory in No Calf.
    I get calls wanting to complete the credential, Now Lamco is on my case wanting $199. I have never got 1 bpo from them..

    As for ORT default BPO I get ~1 request a day interior for $45. This time it is Carmel Valley about 70 miles away. Anyone for PGA tour/Interior BPO please stand up?
    • I always get the same! There are agents taking them. I cannot afford to do it for 45.00. They offer 35.00 for an exterior. Thats abusive already! AGENTS NEED TO STOP taking so little!
      • Lately, they've been raising the fee to $65 if you let your BPO contact know you will be submitting it a day early; have heard the same from other agents as well.
        • That has happened to me as well a couple of times recently.
  • The only BPOs I've done for Old Republic have been for short sales
    • I agree!
  • I was already on REO Vendor Manager (required for EquityPointe), so I didn't have to pay the $169.96 for that. I did take the REO Accredited Agent Certificate Course - it's $399 and you don't need to pay the $149 for the Old Republic Class - you only pay that if you have previously taken the course when it didn't have the Old Republic-specific material. So I paid the $399 - is it worth it? Well whatever I sunk into DefaultSchool to get in with PAS was worth it hundreds of times over. I'm optimistic. From what I can tell a lot of people DO have ORDMS listings and enjoy working for the company. They have a pretty big client list.
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