Old Republic

Anyone doing BPO's for them lately? I've been receiving some in the past few weeks, but their fee of $30 for BPO Exterior is somewhat too moderate, your thoughts?

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  • Hey Taimi,

    They use ORDMS Quandis. I have been doing bpos for them since 2010...they are not assigning assets here in CA. $30 is too little for the time it takes.

    Good luck!

  • I'll pick these up from time to time if they are nearby. Also... you can negotiate with Old Republic... so there's no need to accept a $30 BPO. 

    For what its worth, Old Republic does have listings around the country. That doesn't guarantee listings, of course, but it doesn't hurt to keep your name in the mix 2-3 times a year. I haven't gotten any yet, but my broker's had a few.

    • Thank you Seth!

  • How to sign up with them?

  • The complexity of their form does not warrant such a low fee. I get a few requests every month,  sometimes the same order several times on the same day. Sometimes I get a blast email from an order processor asking for my fee and tat for a particular address. I have replied with an appropriate fee on occasion with no reply. 

    It's kind of like Maslov's hierarchy of needs. If you've ever completed their BPO for $50 and they then reduce the fee for the same amount of work to $30, you will never be satisfied again. The situation breeds resentment and discontent. 

    • Thank you Cece!

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