• @John Gordon, I'm not sure where you obtained that information, I would like to be able to try and verify that and find out if they are in compliance or not.  There is not a single NRT Asset listed in my region(s) that are not with a CB Agent.  I was previously a CB Agent (Buyer's Agent for their REO Team when I first got licensed & learning the biz), and it was my understanding that CB actually had some form of ownership with NRT and thus NRT gave CB Agents first look/dibs.

    • Ira, I believe you are right.  The most I ever got from NRT was a couple of BPOs and a few months of chasing them for payments.

  • Actually I do have a connection to contact! Release of inventory will come shortly.
  • Their website is - And they mostly only list their reo properties with Coldwell Banker agents as long as their's an office close to that property.
    NRT REOExperts LLC
    • Victor, I agree with you on this.


    • Actually they only list a max of 20% of the properties with CB agents.
      • I got approved earlier this year. I've sold several listings with them already.
        • Can you provide the link or tip on applying? I m in Northern CA. Thanks.
          • I mailed (regular mail) them my résumé.  Sometimes the old fashioned way works. 
            • Thank you much Crystal. Did not think of that- snail mail worked? vow!
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