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I was wondering if any of you have had experience with New Vista.  For a while they were not accepting new brokers but recently started to accept new applications.  So, they make you fill out an application and if you are "approved" then you have to pay the $195 yearly fee.  The application also states that the approval and fee does not guarantee business with them.  I'm wondering if it's worth taking the chance or if this is just another fee and way to take advantage of all the new REO agents?

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  • we just received first listing from NV, so far I'm very happy with them. They do manage properties on equator and of course we like that. AM is great, awesome communication

  • I have experience with this company. The REO side is a little tedious with their reimbursement process. But you will get listings from the bpo process.


  • Congratulations Justin, I got an approval from New Vista back toward the end of April and was quite excited I might add as I understand many agents have experienced some difficulties getting approved. While there has been no activity since being approved, I trust that something will come down the pipe at some point....Patience is indeed a virtue in this industry.
    • They request general liability  and third party crime insurance are these included in E&o insurance?
      • Nope, completely different.
    • I'm going to a Hispanic Realtor Association's gathering tomorrow in Bellevue and New Vista rep will be there and I hope to find some information as to their assets in WA along with LPS, and others . Yes, you are right about the patience!
    • Roget that! Just wait and hope for the best!
  • I just got approved by New Vista!  Got the email today.  It took about 3 weeks.  Being a Bank of America/Chase broker helped with the approval process.  They initially called me due to Chase and once I told them I already submitted my application online and it took them couple of weeks from that point.  I hope I see some action from them soon!
    • Hi Justin, I'm also in WA and been approved with NV for several months. Hopefully NV will release inventory.

      • Hey Vitaliy, I juct checked MLS and NV had very few activities in our area especially down South.
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