New Fannie Mae Agent Needs a Coach....

I have been waiting my entire career to get in with Fannie. I made it finally.  But, it is not going well for me, I am full of anxiety and fear that I will mess up and make a mistake.  The 300+ page manual never seems to answer the questions I have.  It will reference something before or after what I need, but what I need is always missing.  I can't find the forms I need, I don't understand the utility transfer process well, just on and on.

I would be willing to pay per hour or a flat consulting fee. The only way I learn is by touching and doing.  So until I do these things, I just can't figure it out.  Would any experienced Fannie Mae agents out of my area be willing to mentor me?

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  • Fannie Mae has tons of training materials as well as the HomePath Learning Zone with some mandatory training sessions. In regards to the forms, you can log on to Equator and go to the library under any asset you have and find the forms page under the lender files.

  • Hi Tara and congratulations on your Fannie Mae account.  I am not able to help you, although I did work for Fannie for 2.5 years in an asset management division, but not what you are referring to.  I would suspect that Fannie would have some kind of training for new agents, but not sure.  Do you have any point of contact for them?  An asset managers name?  Or a vendor number you could call.  

    Let me know.  And congrats again.  I have signed up with them but no luck as yet.  I did get the HUD account though.  Where are you located?

    • I forgot about Equator.  I found this on the website: 

      The Listing Agent Legal Resources, Repair Resources, Sales Resources, and Field Services Resources now reside in Equator.

      All training and jobs aids are also located in Equator.

      Check the Public Lender Files in the Equator Library for links to all Resources.

      Contact your Sales Representative if you have any questions

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