• Dunia,

    This is what I have for Citi:

    CitiMortgage Inc.
    Tim Hull
    800-695-0384 x5088 or 636-256-5088 direct
    636-256-4041 fax

    CitiFinancial Mortgage, Martin Hughley, 800-422-1498 ext 73206, Fax (972) 657-1633; Debbie Tay (Tye), 888-407-0771 ext 73229 Fax (972) 657-1699

    Hope that helps. You might also want to post your question in a more direct manner such as "Does Anyone Have City Mortgage Contact?" Take care and have a good evening!

    • Thank you so much, I will follow your advise and post it.

      Thank you again.
  • Search the forum for: Direct link to REO and BPO companies
    • Thank Carlos, but I did not see the citi mortgage on that list. any suggestions!!?

      Thank you again
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