National Default Servicing, LLC

Hey Everyone,I was wondering if anyone is a listed broker for this company. I am interested in learning about their process for assigning REO's and, more specifically, how they handle the assignment of preservation and rehab work. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!Best,John J. Keitzer

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  • Do they handle anything in Virginia

  • I have done a couple of listings for them and I find them easy to work with and the staff is accessable. I would recommend working with them.

  • Average 2 listings a year from them. Usually the less expensive ones. They are legitmate.

  • Another pay to play?

  • So is this a good company to join? and if so which plan do we pick?


    29.95 p/m

  • Anybody paying the monthly fee that NDS/ISIS charges in order to receive BPO/REO assignments? If so, is it paying off?

  • Hi John,

    My only experience with National Default Servicing is the promise of being the realtor next in line for a particular listing is it doesn't sell within their 90 day limit.  In exchange for that position, I have done 2nd opinion BPO's for them for free, as they do not pay.  We'll see if they perform or not, as one of the listings has a 90 day deadline coming up next week.  I'll let you know if they follow through or not.



  • I got this email from National Default Servicing last night.  Does this mean if I do their property inspection I may get a listing?  What do they mean in marketing status?  It does not appear to be a standard paid BPO they are asking for...


    Good Afternoon  Broker,

    I am working on a project for our client for some assets that are in marketing status.  Please advise if you are able to complete a interior property inspection for the property located at 700 **********, Tampa Fl, 33602

    If you are able to assist NDS,  Please use the attached form to record your findings. Return property inspection forms  within 3 days of receiving this email.

    ·         Our goal with these inspections is to ensure our properties are being properly maintained and client requirements are being met.
    ·         Upon completion of this inspection The National Groups and National Default Servicing will note your willingness to help in your profile.

    ·         If at any time you are unable to complete this inspection, please email


  • If you could send me your AM contact email list, I would really appreciate it. or
    Have a great day!
  • I have done 5 listings for them have one pending right now. They are easy to work with but they won't pay any utility or other bills if you miss their tight deadline after close. I think it's 5 days. I have several of their asset managers emails if you want...
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