• MGIC is a good company to work for. Simple forms, prompt payment.

  • They are one of the best. I haven't done any work for them in quite a while. But when I did, they always paid well and on-time.

  • EXCELLENT, pay promptly

  • OK Great ! I have been contacted by them and I could not find information on them. I was hoping it was not one of these scams again. What threw me off was they sent me an order it says fannie mae, and it happened to be my listing. So i emailed them and told them it was my listing and i could not do the order, they responded by saying to do it anyways, that its not an issue for them. I found that extremely strange, as that is a conflict of interest.

  • MGIC is awesome. They have slowed way down in my area. I could use a little MGIC right about now. .
  • Yes, they have been very good in paying.  They have a different model.  You are doing BPO's for them to see if they want to acquire the property.

  • Pay very promtly

    • THANK YOU !  

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