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Hi everybody, I just got an email from resnet, It says that Kondaur Capital has selected RESNET to be their reo platform. They will start implementing the changes on August 15 and their goal is to transfer all the files by October 15.

If you don't know much about Kondaur, they purchase tapes from other banks, usually they renovate their homes, and they are a very good company to work with. To get listing you must do free bpos for them and if they purchase the property you do the bpo on, then you get the listing.

They are fast on reinburstments, and the asset managers are always friendly and accessible. I enjoy working with them, and I am looking forward to this transition, which I am sure will make my life easier.

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  • My favorite part of working with Kondaur is when I drop what I am doing and run out to beat the sun setting in order to get photos for a BPO then need back ASAP.  When I return my price opinion along with a lot of really good commentary I am promised the listing if they buy the property.  But wait, a few months later it is listed with somebody else.  Then i call them and they say that they never promise you will get the listing. 

    Couple months later they call back.  The buyer they  had for the property isn't closing the deal and they are worried.  They were wondering if maybe I had a buyer in my back pocket who might want to buy it.

    Yep, I love Kondaur.

    • That is true with any one in real estate business. Sorry to share that bad experience. Deja vu aussi..

  • Has anyone had a recent transaction with Kondaur Capital?

     I have been working with them since March 2011 on a property that they purchased while still in the short sale process that went REO. I would like to know if anyone has had a POSITIVE experience with them and if it was positive who was the point of contact at Kondaur?

    If your experiences have been negative I would surely like to speak with you personally.

    This vendor has been a major challenge...

  • Adding to the list of those no longer working with Kondaur and anyone knows if they have went with another company please post here if you are working with them or let me know.




    Eboni Brown



    Brett Arnold



    Janny Chyr




    • I know Kondaur like some other AM companies have a high turnover of employees, and that is one issue with their consistency with agents. I heard that they are re-structuring and that could be the reason why so many people are no longer there. I know of a share of asset manager who are no longer there since the beginning of the year. But I think with them using RESNET will make things easier and will bring more uniformity to their system. However one of the things I like the best about their asset managers is that they always answer the phone, even their cell phones.
      • That is true you do normally get a response pretty quickly back. They have an interesting set up on the requirements side. This was what I had in the last MLS listing for them.


         "All offers must be accompanied by (1) Complete DU and Source of Funds, or (2) a Pre-Approval letter, computer generated FICO report and source of funds.Seller/Kondaur is requiring the following 1 - Our signed Residential Property Disclosure Statement. 2 - Proof of Funds to close. Bank statements clearly showing buyers name, ending balance, and most recent date. Account numbers can be blacked out. 3 - All title and escrow contact information that the buyer is choosing. 4 - Copy of Earnest Money Deposit. 5 - Multiple Offer Disclosure (all attached to the MLS docs)"


        We have not had much inventory with them in my area so this always gets many questions when a listing pops up with them. I have contiuned to do BPO and try CFK's that they have in my area the listings I have had with them all have sold.

        • I am a listing agent for them here in central FL and have had very good experience with them, i know for a fact some of there AM have gone to REDC. it is true you have to do bpo to get a listing,
  • Jose when is the last time you checked in with everyone at Kondaur have they laid off a lot of people with the switch over?

    One of the contacts I had there said to contact the manager. Then that email from the manager said they were no longer with Kondaur.

    Does anyone know if these two went to another AMP?

    Robert Daggett


    Nicholas Masters


    The person you are attempting to contact is no longer with Kondaur Capital Corporation. Please contact the reporting manager, Robert Daggett, at extension 12092 or by email at rdaggett@kondaur.com. As a convenience to you, this email has been forwarded to the manager and will be responded to shortly.


    We apologize for the inconvenience.


    Kondaur Management


    Kondaur Capital Corporation

    One City Boulevard West, Suite 1900

    Orange, CA 92868 



  • I got the email also today, but what the email did not say is that Kondaur does not conduct business in my state!
    • I think RESNET is using this new client to get more agents to pay $700 a year.
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