• Thank you Jim.  Do you have the complete list of awards?  I am looking for North Texas.

          • Pemco sage got N. texas

  • Anyone hear of ?  They have a package to get you ready for the new HUD contracts.  I've been a HUD listing agent for years and don't know if these things are worth the money to get ready for the new awards.  His site says some awards are being award today

    • I did not use them but I used someone else to help me with the package.  I have been in REO for 19 years and I can tell you, I have been working on this package for a month.  A lot of info.  I got the same email from blueprint- it states HUD has already awarded 4 of the awards.   

      • Can you share who you used?  Rather use a company that I know is good

        • I used Debbie Caruso, she is President of One Source.  She gave a webinar not long ago.  She is great but the price is not cheap.  Hurry.. she really did a great job on the webinar and has been of great assistance to me.  Let me know...

  • I had an urgent situation come up and will have to miss this webinar.  I already paid for it and really want to watch it; are you going to send an email link with the webinar reply to everyone that paid for it so I can watch it tomorrow?

    Please advise, thanks!

    • Is this a rerun  of the previous class?  Or a new one.  Reviews of the previous one were not to great

      • It's a new webinar class they are doing today from 3-4 EST but I will be gone and already paid so hopefully they will email me the reply so I can listen to it and get setup with HUD

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