• I had 2 orders last Mar/Apr. Could never get any info out of them for the payment. I received another order in Feb. All I did was reply I was not taking any more orders from them until I get paid. After about 10 days I received a response from them stating they would have to invoice Chase for this. I haven't heard again, and honestly didn't expect to!
  • I am also waiting for payment from them.  I have only done 1 order for them,(I always wait to see if a company is going to pay prior to accepting other orders) and I have called, email twice and no response.  I posted on this site earlier today discussing how I have gone to the Attorney General of different states before, dependent on where the company is located, to get payment and have been successful in the past and a few hours later (I wonder if he reads this forum) I receive a text from the person that sent me the order to complete.  I thought it was really strange that I would get a text from a BPO company.  he wrote... 

    "Your valuation was done last month. I would anticipate in the next few weeks you will be receiving your check.  Once our client has a chance to do their proper due diligence."
    J. C.... with Home Trust Nation  (I don't know if I am allowed to post names so I abbreviated)  

    so...I am assuming they have no intention of sending a check.  The legit companies would never make an agent wait for the client to do their "due diligence" to pay them.

  • Up date on my previous post from November 2019.

    Well, they still don't pay!!! Once I get paid on my remaining outstanding invoices I will NEVER EVER do anything for this company.
    • Thy seem to pay on outstanding only after they need you again.  They still owe me.  Every 3 quarter they offer me a few.  I decline. Not a huge money maker at all!


  • They were evil to deal with a few years ago

  • Small company... I havent seen anything come from them for a long time, just logged in and they owe me for an order from March of 19 and July of 19... guessing they went under or are going under

  • Sorry I have never heard of them.
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