• Good for you!! Did you sign up at Green River Capital??

  • GRC is number 1 with the Asset Management companies. We've been with them for three years and have watched them grow and improve on every aspect from Reimbursements to expanding their client base. Their expectations for brokers are high, as it is for their AM's, but in return you will be rewarded with inventory.
  • I would rate GRC as one of the best to work with. I would love to have a couple dozen from them. They take care of business, they are considerate and will answer questions quickly. I have no doubt you will be very pleased working with them.

    Have a great day
    • So far they have been very pleasant to work for! Thank You
      • Margaret, did you received their first listing because of REOtrans or you were approved directly with them before?
        • REOTrans. I also got a call this week from REDC offering an REO assignment thru REOTrans which I accepted of course. lol Hopefully, this is a good sign for the future.
          • REDC does their auctions and they only pay 1%. You have to do 3 open houses and if you go to the auction and register the winning buyer you'll receive an additional 1%. It's alot of work for a little money but if your not established yet then it cannot hurt. Good luck.
          • REDC is Auction company? and they found you on REOtrans?
            • Apparently they have an REO department as well now. I didn't know either...
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