Has anyone ever worked with this company as far as listings go?  I have had a listing from them for approx 3 months. An offer on the table for 1 month exactly today.  Every time I send in the contract package then send it back with, now you need to strike out paragraph x of section x and have buyer initial.  Once thats done they continue to add more to strike out.  I am getting so frustrated with this company.l  Any thought?

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  • GRC has numerous clients they work with.  Sounds very likely this may be a Chase file.  Once you get through the first one it gets easier.  I took a state contract and made a "draft" with all the strike outs, where additional initials are needed along with a page of notes.  I have found it is much easier once contract has verbal acceptance to just fill it in and send to the other agent.   Little work upfront but once you know who the client is, it makes expectations easier on the back end.  Not discounting the fact that the first one can be extremely difficult.  I feel your pain.  

    • Yes it is a Chase file.  I have done Chase with other AMC and have not had to go through all this.  In this case I am the other agent, so the commission will be somewhat decent on this one.  If it goes through.  Good luck to you

      • I have worked with GRC for many years.  I find them very easy to work with and very responsive.  It is probably the client; not GRC.  The AM always respond quickly.  Great company in my opinion.

  • GR can be persnickety - every deal may be different and every AM different - not the most cordial lot but they provide income - as little as it may be - but in-keeping with the pressure AMC are putting on our commissions.

    I've babysat assets for them for many months while they demanded weekly reports as they figured out what to do - but did I mention - not the most cordial lot but they provide income - as little as it may be. ;)

    • I would say rude is more like it.  When I send an email or call, I never get a response.  This is the first time I have worked with them, and the way things are going it will be my last,  I have worked with many AMC's and this is the worse and pay the least, especially for hoops they put you through.  Good luck to you. .

    • I have worked for them for several years and they are a good company. What you are talking about is client driven. Every customer has different requirements and they are passing that on to you. Overall they are a good AMC to work with.

  • Ive worked for them for 7-8 years now. They are very picky and demand lots of tedious work but they remain consistent.

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