Green River is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide! Signup to Realty Pilot if you want them 

Green River Capital released over at least 4000 unassigned paying BPOs to the Realty Pilot system last night . If you are a current Realty Pilot user please login or open your Realty Pilot smartphone app to view these available BPOs. This is a tip to make money...our firm is not affiliated with either...

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  • I was very disappointed in realtypilot because they offer a free membership for ONE of their TWO clients. Keystone OR Green River. Unfortunately, I was setup as Keystone and never got an order. I had realtypilot switch my free acct to Green  River and have done at least 30 bpos. I was already a listing agent for Green River but they did end up sending their bpos to realtypilot. I felt extorted by realtypilot telling me I had to pay the $29.95 per month to do business with the two companies I was already doing business for. I felt that was a poor business model as more clients switched over to them. I do not recommend the paid membership, but by all means everyone may want to go with the free ONE client offer for Green River. They pay very quickly and the one GOOD thing about realtypilot is that their forms are very easy, fast to fill out and I have not had one return. I doubt if the flood of bpos will continue but for now, that's my 2 cents. Here is their link www.Realtypilot.com

  • There is a reporting function in your Realty Pilot system under the BPO section that can identify BPOs based on completion date and client. For an example: This allows you to create a list of BPOs that are 60 days past due from being completed, print it and send to the client. Additionally, you should be recording the checks in the Accounting section that determines if the BPOs have been paid. If you are not there is no way of determining whether you have been paid for a particular BPO or not. This section allows you to record the date the check was received, check number and removes it from the To Be Paid section under the reporting area. If you were paid for a BPO and did not record it then the system shows you still are owed for that BPO. If you need help with this functionality please contact our customer service through Live Chat or call 888-732-5745 but please do not call about when payment will be sent. That is a GRC issue.

    Another good reason to track this is for state compliant issues. If a broker is ever audited the BPO, payment and tracking are all important since it is a real estate related paid event.

    • I rec'd an email from GR asking for ACH info, I assume for payment for BPO I did on R Pilot. Did anyone else get this:

      Thank you for recently completing work on behalf of Green River Capital. Our records indicate that we do not have an account set up for you yet. To set up your account, we need a copy of your W-9.

      Also, all agent payments are made via ACH (direct deposit). To process your payment in a timely manner, complete the attached ACH authorization form and email these forms back to us at forms@greenrivercap.com or fax them to 801-456-3280.


      Kylee Grow
      2691 S. Decker Lake Lane
      West Valley City, UT 84119

      It looks legit, but I'm wary of giving out bank and SS# info. Any experience?

      • I would not do it, anyone can make up an email address to include the words "greenrivercap".  If anything tell them you will upload it in their registration system in your current profile not over a standard email message and see if you can get a name of the person who originally sent the email to you.

        • Thanks. I went ahead and called GRC direct and spoke with Kylee who confirmed it's for real. Maybe paying ACH will streamline their payment/reimb process?

  • I am not sure about GR. I only got paid for 2 and they still have not paid me the rest.  Need to figure out how many months it will be.... All were turned in sometime ago.

    • Send your invoices to Joey. He has been pumping GRC for the last couple of months. Yeah they released 4000 BPO's and not paying anyone for their completed work. This company has a long history of not paying brokers for REO repairs bills, expenses, etc. 

    • Hey Sam, this used to be a powerhouse company years ago, now all they have are BPO'S, and not paying! 

  • Green River is the next IAS! 

  • but they pay terrible for bpo's $17.50 to $47..50 and if have to do full interior with even picture of damages, repair estimates etc is only $72.00.  I feel like my time is worth more than that, especially when I am a listing broker for their properties, if we were 75%+ getting these listings it would be different. In NC we are not allowed to do BPO unless potential listing now so that helps us decline all these low paying BPO's, and Realtypilot charges a monthly fee to receive benefits

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